Schools for expatriate children in Abidjan

Hello to all :)

We'd like you to extend any information you have on the educational system in Abidjan.

But of course, we'd like you to mainly talk about international schools (primary, secondary, high school and universities) existing in Abidjan for expatriate kids.

And also which structures are available for the little ones (pre-school).

Thanks a bunch for your participation!! It will be very helpful for newcomers to Abidjan :)

Ici, en Côte d'ivoire, nous avons un système éducatif copié sur  la France qui est notre exemple en la matière.Ce programme d'enseignement n'est pas le même que celui de France. Il y a donc ici Le lycée français Blaise Pascal, Le Cours Lamartine si je ne me trompe pas. J'ai cherché à inscrire mon fils ailleurs à cause du climat très explosif du pays où les politiques jouent avec la vie des populations sans défense. Je vous remerci

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I appreciate your contribution, but you should have posted it in English. For french discussion & participation, kindly use the French version of our site.


hello i would like to know if the lycee blaise pascale is a french school or has english version because we are comind from england, and i am looking for an english school for my children.

We have one american school here primary; secondary INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SCHOOL of Abidjan Phone number +225 22471152 or +225 22474166

hi there, i have the same problem here, my girls are in grade 4 and 5 and the fees of the American Community is sooo high for me so did you find some other school that is reasonable? pls replay

Hello rania elsheemy > just to inform you that this is a 3 years old thred.

thanx Cristine for replaying but can yoou help me with the school matter?