Searching to have a new friends

Hi. .I came from dubai...I was new here in abidjan...

do you speak fench?
how long have you benn in ivorty coast

nice to meet you, I'm hadaça ivorian expact in Ghana but curently here in Ivory Coast for some months,
and I'm looking for people speaking english to talk to. I'll be glad to be your friend.
I speak both french and english and you?

Hello,you are welcome to Kings kingdom friendship.I'm also a Ghanian living here for the past 12 years.I speak french and english.Which city are you in ivory coast?

HI Im Manassée,

Im an Ivorian I got back in my country a few yrs ago. I mostly lived in Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia...) Yes, i too am looking for english speaking friends in Abidjan otherwise i might lose it lol
You can contact me if you are in Abidjan: 58 08 32 58.

Hear from you soon