Accommodation in Abidjan

Accommodation in Abidjan
Updated 2016-04-25 14:52

Find, in this article, all that you need to know on Abidjan's real estate market if you are planning to settle there.

By moving to Ivory Coast, you will most probably settle in Abidjan which is the economic capital city. It is indeed the most popular destination with expatriates in the country, being its economic heart and providing opportunities in different fields. Abidjan also hosts a range of housing units at varying prices. Make sure to choose the one which best suits your needs and budget.


Abidjan is divided into two parts, namely the North and the South, which consist of 10 towns.

Abobo, Adjamé, Yopougon, Plateau, Attécoubé and Cocody are found in the North while Koumassi, Marcory, Port-Bouët and Treichville are found in the South.

Yopougon, Plateau, Cocody, Marcoy and Treichville are the most dynamic and lively neighborhoods in Abidjan. These are very popular with expatriates, especially for the quality of life provided, thanks to the presence of business, residential and commercial zones. Note that many Western expats have chosen to settle in Biétry and Zone 4 in Marcory.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Abidjan generally vary from one neighborhood to another and are particularly higher as you move closer to the city-center. You are therefore advised to be careful regarding the owners' demands. It is best to seek the help of a real estate agency if you are not yet acquainted with the local real estate market.

Hence, prices range between 143,000 CFA francs and 550,000 CFA francs according to the neighborhood, size of the housing unit and comfort level. Moreover, furnished houses and villas can be even more expensive, going up to a million of CFA francs per month.

Advantages and disadvantages

Moving to Abidjan can have both positive and negative sides. Despite being a dynamic city, Abidjan's reputation has been tarnished by insecurity, especially late at night. On the other hand, the capital city hosts several popular and highly residential and luxurious neighborhoods. Abobo, for instance, has been a refuge for low-income migrants for long.

Adjamé, for its part, is well served by the transport network, hosting a bus station which is the main exchange route for the whole country's public transport network, linking the city to neighboring countries. However, it is also known for lack of hygiene.

Nevertheless, several neighborhoods are known for quality living and for easy access to amenities. Cocody, for instance, hosts many companies and private universities, as well as cultural centers. Marcory, for its part, is mainly a residential area, hosting numerous shops.

Find accommodation

If you are not yet acquainted with Abidjan, you are advised to seek the help of a real estate agency to find your first accommodation. You may also stroll around the different neighborhoods to identify vacant housing if you are already on the spot. Just as in the case of a job search, networking could also help if you have friends and contacts in the city.

You are likely to find many houses and residential buildings in Abidjan. Feel free to ask the help of security agents during your search. These will definitely be able to advise you, regardless of the type of accommodation you are looking for (apartment, house, villa, etc.).

Why not try your luck on the Internet as well? Indeed, you are likely to find many offers on general and specialized housing and real estate agency websites.

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