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Hi all,

My name is Sarah. I have been an expat for the last 15 years. I lived with my husband and 2 kids in many different places. And we loved it! Since 2012 we came back to Belgium. I have a Coaching Business for Expats Families. Feel free to contact me with any question. I will be posting my blogpost, hope they are of interest to you.

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Hello Sarah,

Welcome to! :)

Thank you for this introduction.

You might want to register your business in the Belgium business directory;)

Thank you,
Christine team

Hi Christine,

Thanks for the info. I will register.

Kind regards,


Hello Sarah
Kind regards

Dear Sarah,
Thank you for positive comments, since how long you been in Belgium, how's economy situation in Belgium, specially for Non-EU person, I am from Pakistan working in Middle East. as IT Helpdesk and planning to visit Belgium in October'14.
If possible & convenient I wish to get some information about Belgium, my e-mail id: shwaqar2001[at]

Waqar Hussain

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