I'm new here and wanted to quickly introduce myself. I'm actually originally from Belgium but living in London. I moved to London 5.5 years ago. I'm now planning to move back to Belgium and although I'm Belgian I actually feel like I don't know anything about Belgium anymore.


Hi and welcome on boad Liesbethvd :)



I'm french, 25. I'll be in Brussels from next week. I'll be pleased to meet you if you want.

See you...


Hi Florine!

Welcome to :)


Hello so are you moving back to Belgium

Yes, I'm moving back in August!! Looking forward to making new friends again :-)

cool ive been here about 2 weeks now starting to get used to it however it is very hard

It's a very different life! Where are you from and where do you live now?

Northeast England im staying in  Sint-Genesius-Rode till a sacure a final au pair job then it will be just outside of gent or leuven

hannahhadman :

starting to get used to it however it is very hard

Why is that?

Becouse I speak little dutch and rite now im very alienated I cant do much for myself cos i need help ppl reading stuff for me etc

if you need any help, let me know! I could translate stuff for you

Thanks my boyfriend and his family help to I just hate allways asking people for help im used to doing it all alone

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