French Student Visa Holder Seeking Internship Info in Belgium

Greetings everyone

I am presently pursing my Master's degree in a university in France. I have to complete a mandatory internship to validate my degree. I have received an offer to intern for 6 months in Louvain. I have a few questions:

-Will I need to secure a work permit to intern in Belgium? The company has told me I will not, if I can provide them an internship agreement. But I have heard otherwise.

- Can I rent an apartment in Belgium with a French student visa?

Any input appreciated. Thanks!

I think a special single permit is required for that if the internship is longer than 90 days, atleast that is what my company is processing for me in Leuven. However I'm not in Europe so it may be different.

Thanks for the input!


Foreign students/internships registered in an educational establishment/process in Belgium to follow a full-service education have the right to work under certain conditions:

he is subject to the obligation to have a model C work permit;
he cannot work more than 20 hours per week;
work permits are not required for working during school holidays or for carrying out compulsory internships.

The application for a work permit C must be made by the foreign national at the FOREM office in Wallonia.

In Wallonia, with the Wallonia Public Service (SPW)

Operational Directorate General Economy Jobs and Research (DGO6)
Department of Employment and Vocational Training
Directorate of Employment and Work Permits
Place de la Wallonie, 1 - building 2
5100 Jambes

Thanks for such a detailed response. I will look into it.

Also, do you know if I will be able to rent an apartment in Belgium with my French student VISA?

For a landlord, so long you can pay each month on a regular basis, nothing else will have interest...

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