Moving to Belgium looking to make friends

Hi my name is Janae.
I am moving to Belgium on July 25th from California, USA. I am married to a Belgian citizen and I am moving to make a home with him. I am excited, but I am leaving all my friends and family in the USA. I am looking to make some connections so I don't feel so alone when I make it to Belgium.
I'm 22 (will be 23 at the end of March). I love reading and just overall having a great time.

Hello. What part of Belgium are you moving to?

Welcome on board Janae ;)

Melby :

Hello. What part of Belgium are you moving to?

I'm moving to Enghien about 15 miles South-West of Brussels.

Ah, OK. Well I hope you enjoy it over here!

Hi Janae,

I'm also from California, but I live near Kortrijk which is like 2 hours away from brussels with the train.  It is nice to see people from Cali...when you get to Belgium maybe you can email me :) or something

i also just arrived, and looking fot nice people!

you can reply if you like;) im in brussels right now!



Hey if i get this job hopeful I will be living in  Watermael-Boitsfort which is in southern Brussels   so maybe we could start chatting see if we get on given were around same age etc I move end of may for kinda of simular reaons however minds more of a trail to see what its like here


Welcome in Belgium!

I would love to have some new friends, and i'm also looking for someone to help me improve my English.
Maybe we can help eachother!

Contact me!

hi iam anil and new to brussels and finding it difficult without any friends . hope some one contact me so that i can meet you guys and you can contact me at 0032483053809

I know that this is an old post...
Are you all better now?
Did you make friends?
I am worried because I am a person that talks a lot.
It would be so hard for me If I move and I don't make any friends...

Hannahadman, there is a mum advertising for a nanny now on xpats... take a look, she is looking for someone to look after 18 month old twins. My guess is she is living in east or south Brussels - not many people earn enough money to be able to afford a nanny, so likely to be in one of the favoured expat spots.

hi there! its a old post but how are you doing?? its hard to make friends over here..

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I see you been here a while now and I would like to ask you how did it go as I have moved here myself with my European husband last year and still trying to find my feet. Were are you living in Belgium? I'm in the Sint-Niklaas area. Hope you have some tips.

I féel u on That One '. But it gets easier after à year

Hi Janae, where do u live in belgium?
i live in sint-niklaas.
I'm looking for some new friends :)

Hello ilse ayisatu

Kindly note that the initial post created by Janae is over 3 years old! :D

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