Police Clearance for Saudi Work Visa


I read on the internet that I need a Police Clearance Certificate for Saudi Work Visa. But I asked some guys who moved there recently and they said they did not require it. Does any body has a clear picture on this.

I am from India.

Go to the near by Passport region office the place where your passport was issued and apply for pcc.
Note: If your passport was re issued or renewed from another country and you need pcc from India it will take  minimum one month after clear police verification report.( pocket money) Suppose if your passport was issued in India go directly to the passport region office and apply within 1 hour you will get the pcc letter in hand. ( register through website and print only the application and pay the fees at the cash counter.) Regional passport office accept cash only for pcc

Thanks Wilson. 1 hour process is if your current address has not changed. If it has changed then take 10 days or more and my address has changed as my passport was made when in college.

What I was asking is it really required for Saudi Visa.

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