Info on Oasis Compound in Al Khobar please


I'm moving to Al Khobar in January and my company have found me a place on Oasis Compound.

N.B. I'm told this is NOT Oasis Residential Resort.

I can't find a website for Oasis Compound and wondered if anyone can tell me anything about it?

I'm moving there with my wife and 2 sons - a 3 and a half year old and a nearly 2 year old. I believe the compound has a nursery on it. Can anyone give me any info on it?

Also, do the villas have gardens or private outside space?

What are the facilities like on it?

I'm told it has access to a beach? Any word on this?

Any info would be gratefully received.

many thanks


Hi Andy,

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Expat-blog Team

I simply typed 'oasis compound' in the Google Custom Search Box (white rectangle, upper right hand) and here are all the threads where it has been discussed.

Good luck!

Thanks Alliecat.

I saw the threads and it all sounds very positive.

I was looking for more specific info on the compound nursery really - age groups, quality, cost, that sort of thing.

I also wondered about private gardens, gyms, pools, shops and other facilities.

I could see that mentioned in the thread.

I'll check again though.

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