If you have been cancel by your employer how long is maximum months/year they can ban you?

and if you are ban where can you get a job or what can you do to still stay here in ABU DHABI.


Could be 6 months, 1 year or even longer.  Abudhabi is unpredicatable.  Your company PRO can tell you what they would do.
You can come back if you find jobs in a Free Zone in the other Emirates.  Or check with AD immigration if it would be possible to get the ban removed with a new employment offer.

I want to ask about this as well
I am in propation period and I told them I dont want to stay with you
They took my pasdport from me is thst okay as procedure
I work in free zone DWC how can I complane


The normal ban by the UAE labour department is 6 months.  If you company asks the labour dept to increase the ban they have to show a valid reason otherwise it is only 6 months.  If you get a new job with a pay above AED 7000 or in a Free Zone company then this is not valid you can go to the new company as soon as possible.

I am currently working in Abu dhabi as a safety officer for 2 months and im in a freezone. I would like to apply to another company. Can I resign with out any problem? Pls. Help me..


void - Usually the Free Zone Employees' passports would be with the Free Zone authority office, if they do not let the employees keep the passport.  You can go there and enquire or complain about your passport.  You can quit during probation period without having to give any notice, that is the Labour law.  Christiangill - maybe same case.

Thank Mjrv
Actually I came to know that late .but do you have any links about freezones laboure law or UAE labour lows as they are claiming I should sign a sepration agreement as bir UAE law

I dont really get it .if I am a free zone why suddnly they have to follow UAE law
Its just complecated  maybe I should be a lawer

dear sar  may company name alico entear prais naw iam in bangla but may company may vesa cancel  pls help me give me vesa

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