Rejection of visa

do I have to apply for another visa or re-submit my visa? its an emergency

Even my Visa stamping was rejected due to the similar reason that Degree and Visa profession does not match. I had a masters degree as well which was unattested.

I resubmitted the documents again with the masters degree and all the experience letters of previous employment and Visa was stamped within one day.

but I dnt have any job experience...I jus completed my masters..what would be the best way to get my visa stamped?

You need to ask your travel agent there in your city, they to how to solve your problem, they will charge you some extra money but they will solve your problem.

thank you so much! :)

I have got a VISA from a Saudi Employer. Due to some reason the current Travel Agent can't process my documents for endorsement. So I need to change the name of travel Agent. 70 days already taken by my employer and till now no any result. How long it will take to update on My name is also not correct on current e-wakala or e-visa receipt.

I got to know that my passport is not valid but the visa got issued in the old passport..what shuld I do?

Dear All,
I am facing a issue during saudi visa stamping that my degree title is not matching with visa trade, I am processing my visa through a agent. Kindly guide me in this matter????

My visa got rejected twice,
First for Unattested degree, Now when I had submitted the attested degree from Saudi Embassy they are saying that Profession and Degree is not matching. I did B Tech in Information Technology and My visa profession is Computer Programmer. What should I do now?

Get a letter from your employer which states your capacity to work as Computer Programmer. Produce the letter along with the documents, this should help.

My husband is working in Riyadh last may 29 I came there for visit visa we extended it till Nov 25 th but due to certain family issue I had to exit on September 5 th and in October he went back and applied visit visa for me I got my visa but when I send it to get stamped on my passport it got rejected from embassy... Now can you tell me what is the next procedure to get it done and what will be the reason for this

"Get a letter from your employer which states your capacity to work as Computer Programmer. Produce the letter along with the documents, this should help."

I already had an offer letter attested by COC and MOFA. With that help only I attested my original Degree. What more that people want so that they can stamp my visa.

In my case, I had to produce the work experience (previous employments) for them to understand that "Software Analyst" (As per the experience letters) and "Computer Analyst" (as per the visa profession) are same.

Just keep on producing whatever documents you have. Else personally visit the embassy and verify before submitting it again. They usually respond with what documents they are looking for to successfully endorse the visa.

Dear Sir,
My VISA category is PROJECT ENGINEER and my degree is Electronics and Instrumentation Engg. Also in contract, my nature of work is "process control system engineer". Will saudi consulate mumbai will stamp my VISA??


I have got the initial offer letter for Risk Management job in Saudi. I have done B-Tech Production engineering for which attestation is possible. I also have my PG and FRM certification for which embassy attestation is not possible. Will it affect visa stamping process if the visa profession is Risk Management expert.

Dear HR Guru,
                         I am malik. I was selected sraco company at I check my visa status in enjazit application.E number is generated at 26.8.19 than still visa not stamped in my passport.lot of person selected this company every week one by one visa issued. Finally 7 members facing this problem because 2months is finished. I ask my agent he say waiting for week. Any one problem how to know sir. Medical is expired at 16.10.2019 than ask my agent my medical is expired at this month then he said mofa number is generated so medical is not problem. Please give me a valuable detail sir

Dear Brother,

Is your issue resolved ? ? Is the visa stamped?

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