Making new friends!

Hi all,

I'm about to move to Brussels but am already in the city most of the time staying in hotels.
I don't know anybody in town and it'd be cool to meet people to have a beer, dinner....
Anybody interested?
Weekdays are cool for me as I am not yet based in Brussels.


Hi Ben!

Welcome to!


              let us know if you are able to go out the next week, perhaps we can meet more expats and go out to drink something.

Dear Ben, Dear Giuliano,

I'm new to this site too, and also looking for new people to hang out with. Happy to join in if I may. Next Thursday, 29 August, for example?

Hi Edward,
                 I have to confirm the next week if I am able the next Thursday. If we join, it would  be great to meet more people in the forum.

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