Hello! New in Brussels?

I am interested to meet some foreigners like myself in Brussels. I came here around 6 months ago, already moved in. No problems, nice place, but need some friends, I guess. Let me know, if you are new in Brussels...

Hey how are u finding it i move in about 6 weeks

It is nice in Brussels. These days it's sunny. I hope you don't miss the sunny days.
Easy to find English speaking people, if you have problems with French.
If you haven't found an apartment yet, better search in EU area. It is nicer there for expats. I made a mistake by finding my place somewhere else.
Anyways, you aren't coming to Belgium from far! You won't get a culture shock :)

At the moment im still looking for a job ive got about 6 weeks till i move. I have had a few visits to Belgium but as of yet seen little of Brussels. I am looking to be a aupair for 2 years but i am looking for other options of what i can do there job wise

It sounds you are preparing yourself very well for Belgium.
I don't know much about the job market here. At work we were looking for a CAD modeler and it seems we already found one.
Aupair sounds nice, there was a movie, the nanny diaries... Nanny and aupair are the same thing, right?

sejant :

Nanny and aupair are the same thing, right?

Essentially, yes. Au pairs generally are from another country, and usually live-in with the family, whereas a nanny is often live-out and already lives in the area. But the job itself is the same thing, caretaking of children.

Yeah what she said. Its all basically the same job I have been a nanny for some children for over 6 years now so I figured it would be a good way to get into Belgium. However its hard to find the right family but ill get there eventually. If not ill just go into looking at studying for my childcare dep. Its just daunting to study in another language.

Ok, I learned something tonight.
I'd rather be an aupair than a nanny. Sounds more exciting.

You are so motivated about Belgium for some reason, I hope you don't get dissapointed. I think, not only finding the right family, also finding the right kid is important. A naughty boy can make you hate Belgium. :)

No i know my way with kids. I am wanting to move there to be closer to my partner and hopefuly get to know about life there and try and build my own and if u come across a coffee shop with skimmed milk let me know lol

we should maybe chat on fb or msn???

Hi, I'm in Bxl since october. I came here as an au pair, and decided to stay a bit longer ;-)

what aupair site did you use tring to get into it been on a couple of sites came close to a job but just missed out

Wow, I caused an aupair meetup!
I am so happy...
How are you, controlfreak? Are you enjoying Brussels? We should meet one day all together?
I am not an aupair myself, but still..


I am also looking for meeting new people. I arrived 3 months ago in Brussels.
Let me know if you meet one day !

Hi guys Im from Philippines. I am also applying for caregiver in belgium. Im under recruitment agency,still evaluated my papers hoping I can work there. How much salary of caregiver in the Home care or aupair there? any idea?

You can only AuPair for one year so if ur wanting more perm stay may not e a good idea

Also Au Pair Pocket Money is 450 euros a month but you live with the family

hi guys :) im also new to brussels :)
moved one month back and searching for lovely friends like u all :)
so what u say ? :)

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