New in Brussels


I’m French, 25 years old. I’ll be in Brussels from middle of June. I would like to meet people in the same situation to visit the city and to have fun!

See you…

Hi MFlorine!

Welcome to :)



This is David, I'm spanish and I'm in Brussels since one month ago.

If you want we can go and see the city :D

See you!!

David Romero.

Welcome to Brussels!

I am Bre, Im 24 and I just moved to Brussels from the US.

I am looking to meet some friends and have some adventures :)

Count me in if you want to explore this city!



I arrived 3 months ago and I would also be interested in meeting new people and walking around in Brussels to discover a bit more the city !

Sure im in x


Just discovered this site.
I live in Belgium since one year and am currently moving to Brussels center. I know a few people, anyway I would be very happy to meet new friends to discover Brussels and Belgium. Looking forward to hear from you!


Hi !

French too, in Brussels since february. I know very well the Pub :) and pretty good the city.
So if you want to visit something, or have a drink, let me know !


I am not French, but anyway lets stay in touch :)
I will let you know when I am in center the next time and please do so vice versa! Then we can meet for a drink.

Have a nice Sunday

Hey everyone!

I guess I am in the same boat as the rest of you.  I am living in Brussels but do not no anyone outside the office where I am interning.

I am 23 and very friendly and social.  However, going to the corner bar on my own and trying to make friends is not so easy.

I am here until mid-august and would be interested in meeting some people for coffee or exploring.

Let me know if you are interested!


If anyone is interested in seeing the Atomium or that huge green building/cathedral let me know. I think these are the only two places I haven't really seen in Brussels.

Or hanging out at Schuman park. Someone from this turned me onto to relaxing at Schuman park and it's quite nice, plus I need to take pictures there and visit their massive car museum.

The car museum is not really interesting, I was really disappointed by it.

Hi Everyone !

I arrived in Brussel 10 days ago and will stay at least 6 months.
As most of you said, I wish to meet people in here.

What about meeting on saturday (9th of july) afternoon to visit a bit the city ?

Hope that some of you will be interested !

Hi Miss Julie,

Sounds great. So let's define where to meet and when and also see if other will make it. But at least count me in :cool:

Steve :thanks:

Yeah good plan however we will see times dates but I think I may be working this weekend

I’m Edouard. I arrived 2 month ago but I haven’t really visited the city. This meeting sounds the best way to do it and to meet new people! I don’t know yet if I’ll available or not. But let me know where and when you suppose to meet each other.
Have a nice week.

I have a suggestion for those who are interested :
Visiting the Atomium. Let's meet in front of it saturday at 02:00 pm.
I'm open to any other suggestion but I thought that it could be a good start since it's one of the symbol of the city.

See you :)

Hi Guys,

I guess it's a good starting point whereas would be good if someone know how to get there from the train Station "Gare de Schaerbeek"?
So maybe we can count whom of us will be there and share as well some cellphone numbers and pictures to find each other :cool:

I mean we can as well agree that all of us will take a rose with to identify :blink:

So send your post in that we can further plan. cu

Steve :thanks:

Hi !

i just had a problem & won't be in Brussel for 10 days. So sorry for tomorrow but I won't be there...
Have fun

Given that pretty much everyone in the country can speak English, surely you don't need a special English pub to hang out in? Belgians are fine people, why not mingle rather than trying to seclude yourself?

Honestly? I really only see Brits seeking out the British pubs for that. I've even come across expat forums online where there were a number of Brits who were always discussing those types of pubs and refused to even consider visiting "Belgian cafés" (which they wouldn't even call pubs/bars). It does seem to be a very British thing to seek those out and choose to frequent them instead of doing stuff with locals. *shrug*

It's good that you are more open-minded and are glad to be living here (many [not all] of the Brits on said forums do seem to resent their location, so that presumably also plays a role in their selection), but still, why couldn't you watch those things with Belgians? I don't know how many are that into rugby (though certainly they exist), but tons are into football and watch the matches from all the teams, including the UK. I didn't say it was "so very wrong," I'm merely trying to make the point that it's not necessary to seek out expat communities for such things as the locals also enjoy. Embrace the country, you know.

OMG stop making & deleting posts repeatedly!

Hello all,
It sounds like everyone has already met up. I am a new expat living in Brussels --been here for a month-- and would love to meet up with people. Anyone interested? Perhaps Fifty Park (Cinquantenaire Park) may be a good suggestion since it is not too far from the metro? Just a thought....hope someone responds.

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