Is anyone from India who is working in brussels/switzerland/netherland


Is anyone from India working in brussels? Please let me know the ways to get work permit before travelling to brussels.

Please share any agency will arrange jobs for us in contractor basis?

it's simple, you get a job

I am struggling to get a job from India directly through website. I am trying last 2 months but unable to get an opportunity in Brussels. It will be helpful if you share the agency details who will arrange the job for us.

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Hello vijaysankar.

In order to give you better guidance, you should tell us a little bit more about your experiences and skills .

In which sector are you seeking for a job?


Karen :)

Unfortunately Europe is in crisis. I know Belgians who are highly qualified who have been looking for jobs for several years. 2 months is nothing.

Answer is very simple.. Get a job offer and the hiring organization will arrange for the work permit for you. One cannot apply for a work permit on his own. Its always an organization in Belgium (or from another country who has operations on Belgium) to apply for WP from local authorities.

Most of the companies here recruit directly. Join some of the groups in linkedin (search for jobs in EU) to get notified about the opportunities.

AS Tervuner rightly said, job market in Belgium is not that attractive at the moment.

All the best.


Hello karen

I am working in IT with 8 years of experience in testing in mainframe, manual and web application testing along with management skills in India. I am trying for last 2 months from India and unable to get a job in Brussles,Belgium.

I have already worked in Brussels for 2 years as contractor in IT firm.

Hi vijaysankar,

Please can you post an advert in the IT & Telecommunications jobs in Brussels section might be of great help. :)



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