Getting married in Brazil, Permanent Visa and documents required

thanks for your quick answer...
but i am here in brasil almost 1 year and 3 months,and i would love to visit my family ,so i can't move anywhere until i get my visa....that's sooo hard for do you think there anyway to make me go and back in legal way....??

You can travel outside Brazil anytime you want to once you've applied for your VIPER Permanent Visa, all you need is the protocolo (which you must take back to the Federal Police every 180 days from the date of your original application to be renewed). With your passport and the up-to-date protocolo you can exit Brazil and return to the country following your trip without any problems provided you are not outside of Brazil for more than 90 days at a time.

Once you've been issued the visa then you can be out of the country for up to 2 years.

If you decide that it is necessary to be out of Brazil for more than 90 days right now, you would have to start the whole process all over again. It's not something I would advise. It would probably be easier and cheaper in the long run if you just came back to Brazil even for a few days, just to get the stamps in your passport. That would give you 90 more days outside of Brazil every time you did it. Just remember you'd also have to make sure to renew the protocolo when you were here. It must remain current.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

thank you MR. William James Woodward

Hello Mr. Woodward,
first i would like to thank you because this was the most understandable and explaining text i could find on internet about marriage in Brazil. I'm Turkish, i have a Brazilian boyfriend and we would like to marry and live in Brazil.
Now I have some questions.
1. I got my international birth certificate which also contains Portuguese explanations of sections. I guess this document I don't need to have translated in Brazil, do I?
2. About the entry card: Since i'm a Turkey citizen, i don't need to get a visa before. this entry card means the visa page that they will stamp in my passport when i'm entering Brazil right?
3. I have this document which proves my single status, it's called "ID Record Sample" but it's the only document that the government gives as a declaration of single status. It explains in sections that I marked with red that I'm single, I have never been married or divorced before. And this document is issued only for use of Brazilian Consulate. Would this document be enough?

4. I will take the criminal record document with my birth certificate and single status declaration to consulate in my own country and have it legalized.
This is all I have to do in my own country, did I understand well?
Thank you again.

Hi cdagbagli,

Thankyou for your kind comments about my posting, it is really nice to know you find it helpful.

1. Documents in foreign languages must be translated to Portuguese here in Brazil by a "tradutor juramentado". Since your document contains Portuguese descriptions it likely WON'T need to be translated. That said, I would take it to the Cartório where you plan to marry and see if they will accept it "as is". Even if they won't you should be able to get it officially translated rather quickly.

2. Turkey is one of the Visa Waiver Program countries that does not require a visa in order to enter Brazil, just your valid passport. You are able to stay for 90 days every 6 months. So make sure you have all your documents for the marriage ready upon arrival since you'll need to schedule the marriage as soon as possible in order to get through the process within that 90 days. It takes at the very least 30 days or slightly more. The cartório will want to make a certified copy of your passport ID page, visa entry stamp and the Entry Card (which you will be given on the aircraft and must fill out to present to the Federal Police on arrival). You must keep this Entry card with your passport.

3. The document that proves your single status should also be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your government or authenticated by your country's Consulate in Brazil.

4. The Certified Criminal Record Check (for the VIPER Permanent Visa application) must be legalized by the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in your home country and it must be issued within the previous 90 days prior to submission to the Consulate for legalization or it will no longer be considered valid. Once legalized it will be acceptable to the Cartório.

Hope this has been helpful.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

Thank you for your quick answer.
The thing i'm afraid the most is this declaration of single status. Are you sure about this?
I think the Ministry of Foreign Affairs won't authenticate this document because I got this document from Ministry of the interior affairs. I already got this document from Turkish government and it's in Turkish, approval from Brazilian Consulate in Turkey and then translation in Brazil wouldnt be enough?

Hello Mr.Woodward,

I have 2 important questions regarding the marriage in Brazil:

1) I am already married and have the Marriage Document (Married in Brazil), now i have only to go to the Police Federal and make my VIPER visa application. As one of the guys there explained to me, i have to make the application by the internet and choose the date for the interview and to bring some documents which are not a problem. I have one problem, my 90 days expire on 23/04/2014 and the closest date for the interview is 09/05/2014. There is any chance to make the interview before 23/04?

2) After the marriage procedure can i obtain the CPF? or i have to wait for the visa application procedure like for work permit?

best regards, Michael.

Print off all the documents for the VIPER Permanent Visa application, including the appointment schedule. Then go to the Federal Police before your visa expires... they'll probably just tell you to come back on the date on the slip since once you're married you're legal in the country even when the visa expires. Just do what they tell you to do, they may just give you a visa extension.

Go to the Ministry of Justice website … 0F4CB26%7D

and click on "Formulário de requerimento" which you will find on the right side of the page. This is the form you need to print off and fill out for the visa application.

There is a code number on the form for the GRU (Guia de Recolhimento da União) that you will also need to print off.... for the GRU go to the Policia Federal website

In the box "Código da Receita STN:"  enter the code number 140066  "PEDIDO DE PERMANÊNCIA"  R$102,00

Print the GRU and pay it at any bank (Banco do Brasil is preferred by the DPF), but any bank will do really. It must be paid within 7 days of printing it off.

Take all that with your appointment slip to the Federal Police and you're in business!!!

Regarding the CPF, you can apply for that anytime, even before the visa application. Take your passport and any other document of ID to the Receita Federal (best option) or to any branch of the Correios (post office) or Caixa Economica Federal and apply for the CPF there. It's issued same-day if you apply at the Receita Federal.

Once you've applied for the VIPER Permanent Visa, you can also apply for your work permit (Carteira de Trabalho e Previdência Social - CTPS). If you're in São Paulo then you can only apply at the Superintendência Regional do Ministério de Trabalho which is located on the second floor at Rua Martins Fontes No. 109, São Paulo (near Estação Anhangabaú - Metrô, check Google Maps for location). You'll need to take your protocolo from the Policia Federal visa application, original and photocopy of your Marriage Certificate, your passport and 2 3X4 color photos. Depending on their workload it may take up to 10 days for your CTPS to be ready to pick up.

Guess that's about all you really need to know. Good luck and be very patient, the visa takes FOREVER to actually get issued even though the Federal Police say 180 days, it may take more than a year or two.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

Very helpful information, i have read and understood everything very carefully,

I was following the application form from (DPF told me by the telephone when i had my doubts and called them):
I've filled everything necessary and printed it with the code that i need also to make the queue for the interview.

Now you gave me some other document (I guess is formulario 334?), and i am a little confused. Or should i stick with what DPF told me to fill?

Got the bill of payment for the bank also like you have noticed,
and i have with me the other documents which they are been asking.

Also thank you for the CPF issue, was very helpful.

My biggest concern was about the visa to be expired, and now after you explained to me i feel more relaxed thanks.

Thank you, Michael.

If the DPF told you which one to fill out or gave it to you, that's the correct one (they're probably both just about the same anyway).

Regarding the expiry of your VITUR Tourist Visa before the date of the scheduled interview, don't worry. By law once married you are not able to be expelled from the country unless they PROVE your marriage was only for the purpose of obtaining permanency fraudulently which is not the case. The very worst thing that could possibly happen (and I highly doubt that it even will) is that they could ask you to pay the slight visa overstay fine of R$8,25 per day and as I say that is highly unlikely.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

I believe so also for no troubles about the visa, i start to worry about this 3 weeks before and not in the last days. I hope i can catch them with the day when they are not busy and hopefully get the VIPER visa application without waiting too much.

Anyway thank you very much for the useful information,

Best regards, Michael.

How about a foreigner who marries a Brazilian in Saint Maarten (this is the Dutch part of the island in the Caribbean)?

In other words, how about a foreigner who gets married to a Brazilian outside of Brazil?

Hello John,

Brazilians who get married in another country are required to register the marriage with the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in that nation (if there are more than one, then it must be done at the Consulate that has jurisdiction over the city where the marriage takes place). The Consulate issues a Certidão de Casamento on the Consular Cartório (Registry) which must then be registered with the 1st  Federal Cartório in Brasília to have legal effect in Brazil.

From that point then the non-Brazilian spouse has two options:

1. (Recommended) Apply for a VITUR Tourist Visa and come to Brazil, with all the documents required for the VIPER Permanent Visa application ready. Then shortly after arrival one would apply for the VIPER here in Brazil. This has the advantage of allowing the non-Brazilian spouse to legally remain in the country, obtain a work permit and find work while the application is being processed. The disadvantage is that here the application process takes very much longer than it does abroad. Here it can take 2 years or more as opposed to abroad where it is often done in 3 - 6 months.

2. Apply for the VIPER Permanent Visa at the Consulado-Geral do Brasil that has jurisdiction over the city where the marriage takes place. The advantage is the shorter time period for processing the visa, however the disadvantage is that the non-Brazilian spouse CANNOT enter Brazil until the VIPER has actually been issued.

In either of these two options all of the documents required for the application, and all of the conditions imposed are exactly the same so it really from a legal standpoint makes no difference where you apply for the visa. The only difference would be a possible separation for 3 - 6 months while waiting for a visa to be issued abroad.


The best option is for people to have businesses online.  Even if they must apply for this or that in or out of Brazil, at least they do not have to look for jobs.  :top:

Yes, I know, everybody is free to do as he / she pleases but I do not think that the person who goes by looking for a job can actually please himself / herself that much.  :cool:

thank you!!!!!!!!!!! :D

thank you very much sir, now my second question is that,can I convert my tourist visa in work visa o permanent visa please tell mi how is the process for that, and sir I have done medical degree how is the process of revalidad de degree in brazil, Sir I will be very thankfull to you ,please tell mi about these things iam very apset..........and other thing ya I have Visa of 90 days
yours javed

As far as I know you can't convert a VITUR Tourist Visa into a work visa. If you can get a work contract with a Brazilian company that is willing to help you with the visa process you can apply for a VITEM-V Work Visa.

The only way you could obtain a VIPER Permanent Visa is to marry a Brazilian (or Permanent Resident), have a Brazilian child, invest min. R$150 thousand (BRL) in a company, or apply to transform a VITEM-V Work Visa to Permanent after you've been working in Brazil for 3 years.

Regarding the revalidation of the medical degree, you would have to contact the Conselho Regional da Medicina (CRM) in the state where you will be residing in Brazil. They will advise you on the process.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

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ho great Asad bhai,yaaar mein ne MBBS ki degree Cuba se li ha aor mein ne apne sare documents cuba mein brasil ki embassy se attest kerwaye hein ,now im in Pakistan and iam coming to Brasil, please dear I have to legalize my degree in brasil and want to work there yaar please help mi dear,mein bhut pereshaan hon please guide mi,thanks Almighty ALLAH aaap milgye yaaar please help mi and tell mi the process,kiya process ha wahana pe setup krne ka , .................we are two friends coming there very soon............I have been in Cuba 7 years,bhai jan aap ka mail ka mien intezaar kronga
thanks my Email is  javedahmed950[at]
wating brother thank you very much

[at] javed ahmed > Can you please post in english on this english speaking forum, it is quite difficult to understand what you just said.

Thank you,


ok dear I just want to know what is process of revelation og my degree in brasil,for that I should give any examen o no there in brasil, and what is process of marry there ,how much it will cost mi

Hi javed,

Read the following two postings about Revalidation.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

So I'm planning on getting married to my Brazilian fiance in Brazil and we want for me to apply for the permanent residency immediately after.

I've read that I need to live in Brazil for 1 year before applying for the permanent residency. Is this true?

cupofjoe :

I've read that I need to live in Brazil for 1 year before applying for the permanent residency. Is this true?

No, you need to be a permanent resident for one year in order to be able to naturalize (if you're married).

You can apply for permanent residency the day you get married if time permits.

I'm a Chinese girl ,I want marry my gf who  is a Brazilian , what's the exactly documents that I need prepare in china ? My birth certification and single certification are both needed to send to Consulate General of Brizail in shanghai ?

Hi Erica,

Please read carefully the very first posting on this topic thread, it clearly explains ALL of the documents and the process for getting married and applying for a VIPER Permanent Visa.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

Dear William James Woodward
Thank you so much for your useful information.
i am from india and my girl friend is Brazilian .in july we are planing to get married . i have few more doubts please help me to clear...
1.) is it necessary to get police clearance certificate  for no criminal record from my origin country?
2.) once i get marry with my girl friend in Brazil i can able to search for job  ?
3.) what are documents to be legalized from basil embassy in India before i arrive Brazil?


Hello Azar,

1.  Yes, you must have a PCC from the police in India.

2. Yes, when you have applied for your VIPER Permanent Visa (permanência definitiva) base on marrige to a Brazilian you may legally remain in Brazil, obtain a work permit (Carteira de Trabalho) and you may work in Brazil from that point on, no matter how long the application takes to process. Which can be 2 years or even more.

3. You need to have the PCC which will be used for the visa legalized by the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in India. You must also have a Declaration of single status or Divorce Decree or Divorce Certificate legalized by the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in India AND it must also be authenticated by the Consulate of India in Brazil or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in India.

Don't forget that any documents that are NOT originally produced in the Portuguese language, must be translated by a sworn translator (tradutor juramentado) in Brazil - Birth Certificate / Divorce Decree / Divorce Certificate / Declaration of single status.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

oh god we called the local federal police and a lady told me i need to go back to Canada and get more time back on my visa and come back after 6 months before I can apply for VIPER. This can't be true. After marriage is complete, I will have 1 month left on my visa. What kind of non-sense are these people taught?? She also claimed I cannot get a work permit until my VIPER is complete. She also said I cannot stay in Brazil while my VIPER processes.  :D Can you imagine the incompetence!!! Then again, she sounded completely unsure at every question, just like almost every worker is here. Sigh...

If you were talking to somebody at the Policia Federal in São Paulo, then you were talking to a (contracted) civilian employee who doesn't know s_it! That's the problem, they haven't got the first clue about the laws that govern immigration and they just give out blatantly wrong information to everybody.

The law is clear, once you are married in Brazil you can apply for your VIPER Permanent Visa and when you apply for the VIPER you are legally allowed to remain in Brazil, obtain a work permit and work while the visa application is being processed. In fact they mark right on the application form "Pedido de Permanência Definitiva - INEXPULSÁVEL" which means you can't be expelled from the country. They also note the grounds for the application be it, cònjuge brasileiro(a) - Brazilian spouse  or  prole brasileira (Brazilian child).

So, don't worry. Get married, apply for your VIPER and then go apply for your Carteira de Trabalho.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

Ok what all do I need to marry in Brazil? I live in the U.S. I need to know what all I need to do at the Brazilian Consulate to go to Brazil and get married there. She is Brazilian and I'm Amercan.

Everything you need in order to get married here in Brazil is clearly explained in these postings, you simply need to read them. It's hardly necessary to repeat the same information time after time is it?

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

Thank you sir for reply me
I want to know what is process to get Vtur visiter visa and what document required for this visa??

I just got married!!! Holy moly was it the hardest thing I've ever had to go though, but it's finally accomplished!! I ended up having to go my wife's parents state where we got married because Vitoria would not let me do it here without having re-newed my birth certificate. As a Canadian citizen for most my life, I was not born in Canada however. They actually wanted me to fly back to my country of birth, where I'm not a citizen anymore and expect me to get my birth certificate re-newed there, which I can't even enter the country without a visa. They didn't care, their answer: we don't care find a way or you can't get married. At least in Paraíba they were pretty flexible and not this anal and accepted my original birth certificate. They did struggle with my marriage certificate but it's all been corrected the day before I had to fly back to Vitoria. Phewf.. They had initially written I was a Belarus nationality even though I told them a million times I was Canadian. They fixed it without giving us any problems but their computer had a difficult time picking this certain "template". I guess they are not used to having people marry here who are born in one country, but citizens of another. It creates a whole universe of confusion for them. My marriage certificate also has my mom's birth name, which is not her Canadian name on her passport anymore. But they can't match the name on the passport and it has to be her "birth certificate name". What good is to have my mother's name on my marriage certificate that doesn't exist anymore. But they say this is their rule and what can I do about it other than laugh? lol. Oh god my Russian translator also misspelled my birth certificate Russian name and they wanted to print my marriage certificate based on the wrong name. I told them how can you print a marriage certificate with my name that is not even correct? Because when you translate Russian alphabet to English, the letters "y" or "i" can be interpreted the same way. But no, again, they need to go off the "translated birth certificate" and not my passport, even though the correct translation is in my passport. It's been quite the adventure...

Congratulations on your marriage, I know how you struggled to get it done.

Welcome to the Frustrated Federated Republic of Brazil. Where bureaucracy reigns supreme.

Thank you. It was all possible because of the awesome Carotio workers at João Pessoa and a lot of your help and advise you gave me. 
They started my marriage process while I was still in Vitoria!!
First they wanted me to sign and declare papers in a cartorio in Vitoria that would give my wife's mother permission to start the process on our behalf in JP since we were very short on time before my visa expired. The fees were pretty expensive and I would also need to get an English translator to do the decelerations for me...
However, since they are so awesome, they allowed to do it without the proxy deceleration. Saved time and money!!
They even gave us a marriage date the same day her mother submitted the process. They didn't even need the original documents and started the process with emailed photocopies of my documents! We only had the bring the originals a few days before the ceremony when we arrived there. The flexibility there compared to Vitoria is unparalleled!!!

For anyone getting married in Brazil, I HIGHLY advise to check with the Cartorio first as to what is required. EVERY city/state is different. Secondly, if you have been born in a country in which you are no longer a citizen and neutralized in a new country, be prepared to get stressed out! You need to pay extra attention to details of the process (correct spelling of names, correct nationality etc). I had to hold their hands so they don't mess anything up. For some reason they assume anyone born in a a certain country will always be a citizen there and there is little accommodation with process if you are a citizen in a different country than birth.

Dear William James Woodward,
As per your guide, i have my birth certificate ,Unmarried certificate, Police clearance certificate are legalized form foreign external affairs ministry of india.Further i am going to get legalized from Brazil Embassy from India..

My doubt.
1.) These documents need any valid date.. i heard all documents should be less than 90 days validity.. 

PCC Certificate              - June 16th 2014 Issued
Unmarrued Certificate     - june 26 th 2014 issued
Birth Certificate              - juky 5th 2014 issued..

please tell me do i required any other documents needed futhure..
please update what are all documents my girl friend(Brazilian) required for marriage process..


Dear Brother,
Many Congratulation for your Marriage.. hope now you can breath..
i have doubt could please clear with your experience..

name in passport        : Azarudeen AbdulKhadar
birth certificate            : Azarudeen A
Unmarried certificate    : Azarudeen A
In india usually childrens carry father name first letter as they intial . all my school certificate, college certificate are azarudeen.a but in passport we have expand ...
so do you think will have face any problem during my marriage process??

but in all certificate it have mention azarudeen S/o AbdulKhadar
(*S/O- SON OF)

By Regards,

Hi Azar,

No you misunderstood....

The PCC has to have been issued within the 90 prior to it being submitted to the Consulado-Geral do Brasil for legalization. That essentially stops the clock and it will remain vaild from that point on.

All other government documents such as Birth Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Single Certificates, etc., must be no older than 6 months (180 days) from their issue date when submitted either to the Consulado or in the case of documents not requiring legalization submitted to the Cartório where you intend to marry.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

I had a problem with names at the cartorio. When we immigrated to Canada my parents adopted Canadian names. My father and my mother got rid of their middle names and my father also made his name shorter. However, when they make the marriage certificate at the Cartorio in Brazil, they have to use the name from your translated birth certificate and not passport! Even if the name doesn't exist anymore, since we are not citizens of Belarus any longer. They also put the mothers name on the marriage certificate which in my case they had to put it all wrong. My name was fortunately correct but now I'm stuck with a marriage certificate which has my mother's old name that wasn't used in over 25 years. That's fine if I ever wish to sponsor her to Canada as long as my name is correct and matches my passport and Canada doesn't put importance to mothers name like they do in Brazil. But in your case you may need to find out if it will be a problem or not. You can also ask the translator to translate your name how its in your passport so it matches. When you will fill out your permanent residence and decide to use your passport name its a good idea to have the marriage certificate spelling be exact and not different because after you will have trouble explaining the situation. If they see something doesn't match you might get stuck, even if it's their fault for not thinking outside the box and you will go around in circles.

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