Recognition of Diplomas granted by foreign universities

Recognition of Diplomas granted in Foreign Universities
The following is an overview of the “Revalidation” process at the University of Brasilia, it will probably be the same for most Brazilian institutions. There are also a number of companies here in Brazil which specialize in the recognition process. I have no idea what they charge for their services.
Note: The following is for informational purposes only. I make no claim as to the accuracy or universality of the process. This information is simply a translation of what is available on the internet.  IT IS MY UNDERSTANDING THAT THIS PROCESS IS THE SAME FOR FOREIGNERS COMING TO BRAZIL WANTING THEIR DIPLOMAS RECOGNIZED OR BRAZILIANS WHO STUDY AND RECEIVE DIPLOMAS ABROAD WANTING THEM TO BE VALID IN BRAZIL.

Revalidation of Foreign Graduate Diploma


It is the process that declares the diplomas of undergraduate issued by foreign institutions equivalent to diplomas issued in Brazil.

Personal Documentation

ID card;
Permanent resident or temporary visa in Brazil (for foreigners);
Birth certificate or marriage certificate;
Certificate of conscription (for those interested Brazilian nationals).

Academic Documentation

Certificate of completion of high school;
Bachelor's degree or Doctorate to be recognized, legalized by Brazilian Consulate in country of issue;
Transcripts with description of courses taken containing indications or notes, credits or hours, with consular legalization;
Outline of courses taken, with consular legalization;
Copy of the monograph or equivalent work;
Administrative fee (R$ 500.00)
The Commission may request additional documentation or information that, at its discretion, deem necessary.

Step 1: conference documents
The conference will be held at the Department of Administrative Academic-SAA (basement of the Rectory), the between 08h00 and 17h00, at a time to be established in Academic Calendar.

Step 2: Payment of the fee
The deposit may be done in two ways:
Directly in the service box of the Bank of Brazil (do not use envelopes): 1607-1 Agency / Account 170500-8. Reference Number: 4243.
Transfer to the Treasury Single Account (only for current account with Bank of Brazil): 1 Code Identifier: 154040.15257.288381 / 2 Identifier Code: CPF account holder.
Payment of administrative fee shall be made only after the conference documentation.

Step 3: filing of documentation
Documentation should be delivered to the Administrative Secretariat of Communication - SCA (General Protocol of Brasília), on the ground floor of the Rectory.

General Observations
The documents issued in foreign territory should contain the authenticity of the Brazilian Consulate in the country of origin. The procedure of authenticity is waived for diplomas issued by institutions of France and Argentina. The consular authentication is not required for a certificate of completion of secondary education;
The documentation should be translated into Portuguese by a sworn translator;
The receipt of the documentation will depend on the existence, in Brasília, for undergraduates recognized in the same area of knowledge or related field;
A copy of the documentation submitted must be notarized or be certified in the SAA, upon presentation of original documentation and copy thereof;
It is required to submit the copy of the certificate to be revalidated. The certificate or certificates will not be accepted in place of law;
The documentation must be submitted in the SAA by the applicant himself or by another person provided with Power of Attorney. Requests are not accepted by mail.
The request for revalidation of Diploma follows the deadlines established in the Undergraduate Calendar.

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