Housing Costs in Khobar


I am a single man moving to Khobar in a month or so and i'm looking for accommodation. HOWEVER, after doing some research and writing some emails it seems like you have to pay the ENTIRE rent UPFRONT!  How can anyone afford to pay $15,000+ as soon as they arrive???? Did I miss something? What's the secret??

...nothing? :sosad:

hey hey don't cry :)

No you did not miss anything. It’s called supply and demand, there is a huge demand on compounds accommodation and simply there are no enough premises to accommodate this demand.

So if you find it hard to pay it all at once, there is a long list of others who are willing to do it. 1+1=2

Landlords for accommodations outside compounds will ask only for 6months in advance plus it’s at least ¼ of the cost of renting in a compound.

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