Flat sharing (The landlord,the broker & the mate)

through the last month , tried to get a suitable flat for accommodation in the regions ( doki , zamalek , mohndseen , agouza)

As an Egyptian male 30 yrs old , i have a wide range contacts , owners , brokers ,companies, and sometimes friends , that i deal with them when i search for a flat to be near to my work .

And actually and what this post about is the ( FLAT-RENT-CLASH )
with the ( FLAT-RENT-TROOP)

i am an Egyptian , and have a good contacts , want to rent a flat,with the ordinary cost even more high ... so what is the hard part that makes the renting is like a mission ?

and if is it kinda difficult with locals ,how is it with expats ?

all was about fraud, broken promises, greedy landlords or brokers , most of them in this regions ( the diamond square)  always acting sneaky..after many calls , appointments - only what  you can get is a promises of available flat next weeks , next day , next hour and etc.

so i decided the other solution ( the flatmate )which is sounds good , with many benefits , lower and divided cost , you can get more advantage or bigger flat with a view or more features .

prepared everything , came to agreement to the flat rent- was 1st of april , contacted the flatmate , of course in a selectivity way regardless of the gender or nationality as you may only care for the person and the behavior.

And again , preparations were demolished , like as promises were not exit from the beginning,this time by made by the  ( flat-rent-troop).

add to them part of me as i didn't  want to deal with the  some landlords & the brokers cause they appeared for me like :

The landlord :
  act like  a headmaster in a school and you are going to join his school , so you have to follow the rules to sleep early and don't stay too much watching t.v , and of course this is a school so he don't care for the fees or how much you pay , all matter is to follow his own rules .

the brokers :
act like the Intelligence agent ,with the eagle eye, and he is the person who can know the inside of you with speedy look , and select who is gonna rent and who is not,giving a lot of promises  what will be available just to gain time to find the best financier and at the same time not to lose you if he didn't find one .
and all that of course to serve the security and the university balance , but bribe you can get the good cell in the jail in return

the bawab:
act like the bad prison guard , the one who will allow you to broke the rules under his authority , or even he gonna punish you     and use always ready for ( slander )

the mate: it need another post as its completely another topic.

of course all this topic related to the greedy and sneaky persons ,in the other hand there is a nice persons who are really helpful in replying you with a  only a smile 

its all about being serious persons which i may find with my  searching for a shared accommodation near by my work.

and the conclusion, which i would serve it to expat or even locals who interested in share accommodation, and gonna go for a search :

choose the mutual rules options:

you and the mates committed with the rent price in its time , maintaining the flat and the furniture , no messy use , respectful for neighborhood , and whenever you are quiet you enjoy your own privacy in the flat according to the law and  the rent contract which must of owners doesn't tied by and act sneaky with it.

The landlord tied by activating the contract at it time , re-pay the deposit and tied up with your privacy in the flat and this is an important point for females ,as when you the pay the price and  get the contract , the flat becomes yours for the agreed time committed only -according to the laws - for the price,the deposit   and good use and quiet respectful accommodation until the expiration of the contract.

no extra fees appear outside the contract , unless there is a new  item or feature and you don't have to accept it and pay if you don't want.

all relation with broker if you used one , ends with giving him his commission , no more intervention cause most of them all his thought is to get extra fees every time he may contact you.

any conditions more than that is will be like a school or prison, thats what i found in this regions as many foreigners located here ,and this regions really centralized in near by work places for most of them and locals .

the situation that made most of landlords and brokers minds to be greedy as much as they can , and get out of the main line of the rent contract .

i posted this topic for just be aware and away from those who use the greedy or wrong control under the cover or (  rules ) , serious good persons are available but just need to have a contact to them , just stay away from those i told about and the good right mentality will feel it at once with the good landlords or brokers

so always remember you are not gonna join a school , you gonna rent a flat with all your privacy.

Thanks for the info.

That's what happened to my son, being moved around, and squatting with friends until a group vacate the premise to rent bigger place. But the landlord wanted to increase the price sky high. Eventually agreed to some price and my son and his house mate finally gets the flat... starting April 2013.

It a hassle to me, since my time in Cairo is limited (14 days visa), while my son has 1 year visa.