Permanent Residency????

My husband and I are trying to become permanent residents of Belgium as soon as possible with an eye to retiring there as Belgian citizens.  We are trying to get answers to several questions about the correct bureaucratic pathway: 

--Can entry on retirement visas lead to an unrestricted permanent resident status? 

--How do we show real ties to Belgium? 

--Will purchase of a home there with a mortgage accomplish that? Do we need to start a business to show the real ties?  Etc., etc. 

We think that we need professional advise, but are reluctant to contact a large Belgian law firm because we don't want to spend 15,000 euros to get answers to a few questions. 

Has anyone had experience with this set of questions?  Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced Belgian immigration attorney? 


Even EU nationals require residency of 5 years to get a "permanent residency" sort of status, i very much doubt you can just move here and become a permanent resident!

Do your own research, why do you need lawyers, you only need a lawyer when you are denied something?

What nationality are you? That makes a difference.

What ties do you have to Belgium?

Why Belgium? You will pay high taxes on any income you have, doesn't matter if that income comes from another country or is in a bank account in another country, tax will normally be due here. … o_belgium/

Thank you, schoolmum, for your response. The tax issue is one we will give strong consideration to. Life in BE may be worth that price to us. We have very close (like family) friends there and the US is no longer a good home for us. (fed up with the politics) I've lived in Los Angeles my whole life and would like to have wetter weather...I know I'll find that there. :idontagree:

Thanks for the link too. Great resource.

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