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From Ireland but currently working in London. Im looking for work in Dubai as my girlfriend has secured work as a teacher. Finding it hard to find opportunities on net. Can anyone update me on the situation out there? I know its not as busy as before but I gather there is still work happening?

Can anyone advise if it would be best to move out and look for work out there and just transfer my visa over?

All help appreciated

Hello wex123.

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You can read these articles on Work in UAE and on Visas in UAE.

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You would find alot of Construction happening in Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah. Within Dubai, it's kind of saturated, because whatever projects are going on, they have staff acquired, so new hirings arent really happening.

I don't know your domain, but if your into; retail, hospitality, or sports development then Abu Dhabi or even Qatar can be explored. If your into High rise or Infrastructure development then you can try and search for construction jobs within the Northern Emirates, (Sharjah, Ajman, RAK, Fujeirah).

Let me know your domain, and i'll try and help you out.

Good Luck !

Hi Saud,

I work a senior construction manager and specialise in refurbishment and new build particularly in the education sector.
I am willing to commute from Dubai but would like to keep this as my base. I am trying to build up some contacts at the moment. Would it be better for me to be out there looking for work, it would surely increase my chances?



Then it is best advised to come to Dubai and look for a job here. You muust understand that the UAE or rather, The GCC is heavily booked with job seekers. Some qualified to the core, and some that are ready to do anything. SO the chances are always slim.

Like I said, Abu Dhabi and RAK are two areas that are booming as far as developments are concerned, specifically within the retail, hospitality, education, medical sectors. So give it a look. Your a technical guy, and 'technical' professionals can never go to sleep in empty stomachs :)

Good Luck !

Hi wex123,

I would take the jump :)

I was looking from the UK for over a year for work in Dubai with no success so I took the jump and within two weeks of arriving the interviews started happening and I had secured employment.

My friend who lived in Malaysia at the time also found the same, after looking for one year no success then arrived in Dubai and secured employment within a matter of weeks.

If you can survive financially for a couple of months whilst looking out here you should be fine.

Good luck!

Feel the fear, but do it anyway :D

hi Guys,

i'm a civil engineer in canada , always working as a site inspector for infrastructure, earthwork, drainage, bridges work.

I'm looking to relocate next March (2016), i still have a doubt wich country i'll travel to; 1)- as the labour work is more flexible or 2)- UAE wich proabably i heard there is more opportunity in construction field.

I need your advise guys ! and some practical ideas please. Thank you in advance.

here is my email


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I agree with Soud, if you want a job in UAE, you have to come for a visit. Online applications will never work out since the recruiters are getting lots of responses and it will be a time consuming job for them to go through all .The companies do prefer the candidates who are immediately and easily available and they will choose the easy method to hire the employees. Advertising yourself by furnishing your details will be an idea, so that you can expect some calls from potential employers. But it will make sense only of you can provide a local contact number.

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I've worked in Dubai for how many years and I've met my fellow Kabayan. one of them Named Jonel. He said he was in a good company.. and he showed me the building he was working with it was a skyscraper with 98floor .. I asked him if he works on the top of the building and he said yes! he even told me that he was not using harness  ..Pinoy talaga madalas mayabang i ask him if he was certified he said no...and so I told him to get certification from reputable training school like Gladstone.. since he mentions that his family lives in Australia and so I gave him the website..
I was funny because he said back in PH he used to climb coconut tree that is why he is not scared of height...

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