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Hi everyone, please please help me. I am from India and got a Job offer in Slovakia in an American IT company.I am offered 1060 euro but after tax deduction It will be net 784 euro/ month. Apart from it the company will give 2 percent bonus on monthly salary once in year, depends on my performance.Company is also providing me one time food voucher and other free time activities's resources like for playing and providing discount in  restaurant & movies etc. The job is in the capital and the company in the main city.Now my question to all of you, is this salary enough for me or will I be able to handle my life standard? I follow an average living standard.How much will be expenses,like for the room rent in bratsilava, fooding & club etc? Well, Language is not a big deal, as I speak fluent German and English.I will be looking forward to you guys. I have to confirm my employer urgently. Please reply me, as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!D

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