Getting married in Qatar for foreigners

Hi all, I need help with getting married in Qatar. I am a female Malaysian and my fiancee is Egyptian but he works in Abu Dhabi. I will be moving to Qatar in May, and we wish to marry there (Doha) due to our problems with logistics, limited annual leaves and documents. Both of us are Muslim and I do understand from the previous posting that we need to go to Sharia Court to get marry. I need to know how and what are the procedures. I do know as Muslim woman, I have to a get a written approval from my male family. Are there any more papers that are required by the Sharia Court?

I really hope someone can help me so I can take the necessary documents before flying to Doha next month. Thanks, Dazrina

Hi Dazrina,

Once you settle in Doha and have your residence permit; your starting point is going to be your embassy. They should advise you on the procedures and what documents you require.

Then you will have to go to Sharia Court along with two witnesses, and a letter from your Father saying that he agrees to you getting married is a must.

You will have to have your ID cards; You may need to check in Doha as to my knowledge both of you must be a Qatari resident to be able to get married in Qatar.

You must also undergo a medical screening prior to getting married.

PS. I have got these information through some friends who have done this process before and hope it helps.

Best Wishes :)

Dear  VidoDido

Many thanks for your help. This is really useful information! Now I really know what to expect. I will call the Malaysian Embassy.

Thanks again and best wishes

By the way, does it mean that if I'm holding a working visa for Qatar while he will be here on his visit visa we cant get married here?

I am still waiting for the Malaysian embassy to getback to me. Thanks!!!

To my knowledge, Both partners wishing to get married in Qatar must have a Qatari Residence Permit stamped on their passports.

I may be wrong, Therefore and for further peace in mind I would suggest if your fiance contact his embassy in Doha and ask whether he can get married in Qatar while on a visit visa status.

Hope all goes well with your plans; and will appreciate it once everything sorted out and you both got married to share your experience with us as it may help other people intending to go through the same process.

Good Luck and All the Best :)

I'am a Filipina and Married a Tunisian man last month and both Muslims ( I converted). For us to be sure not to waste time, we went to Shariah Court and they asked us to provide the ff:
1. Resident ID for both of us  (must be resident of Qatar)
2. Pre- marital Medical Screening
3. My Certificate of No marriage, Authenticated by my Embassy and stamped by Min. of Interior and Chamber of Commerce
4. Birth certificate, Authenticated by my Embassy and stamped by Min. of Interior and Chamber of Commerce
4. Father's Consent, (If your father is not present, you can authorize (written) the proceeding judge to stand as your guardian)
5. (for those who recently converted a Islamic Certificate must be presented.)
Once all the papers is submitted to the court you need to take a schedule for the Ceremony.

On the day of the wedding, bring at least 2 male witnesses.
It took us 1 month to complete all these documents.

(Please note: that all documents must be translated to Arabic)

Hi Mrs Ouanassi,

Thanks for sharing such valuable information with us.

Regards :)

Just for the records, translation of documents from arabic to english must be done in certified translation places only.

happy to Share those info mr. Vidodido...:)
and that's right Mr. mrayes.... :)


Wow, great info from all of you here. Many thanks!

An Congratulations to Mrs. Ouanassi on her recent marriage. I do have one query... here goes:

- the papers required are both for the couple? i.e certificate of no marriage and birth certificate

The reason is he has his divorce certificate and just wondering if that is good enough.

He doesnt reside in Qatar (not yet) but he has been living in Abu Dhabi on his residence permit for almost 10 years now...  We shall see how it goes as we go there next month.

Hope to get feedback from others..Have a wonderful day ahead.

I have a related question. Does the pre-marriage medical exam include a pregnancy test? Thanks :)

my name is Glory male from Nigeria came to Qatar with working permit i want to get married to America lady called Elainer and the marriage is going to be court marriage here in Qatar and she will be coming with visting visa please what are the procedure

Similar Question:

I am an American moving to Qatar to marry a Moroccan (who is living and working there with Residency permit).
Will I also need to provide all the above listed items? Will there also be a medical exam? Can anyone tell me in a list what exactly I will need??

I believe I will need a certificate prooving my conversion to Islam, and also a document stating that I am single/ have never been previously married.

Any tips or info on documents I will need to present and where to get them would be EXTREMELY helpful, thank you!

(Ps- my parents will not be coming with me for the wedding, therefore my father cannot be present if this is a requirement...)

Thanks everyone!

Hi Oum Ibrahim7,

Welcome to :)

I suggest you to browse through the different posts on this thread as there are some information which might be helpful.

Since you posted on an old thread, it would be best if you could create a new discussion with all your questions on the Qatar forum.

You may also contact the nearest embassy to have further information.

Our best wishes for your wedding,

Hasnaa Team

hi sister Ouanassi i just want to ask ;

1. i received my birth certificate and cenomar from NSO does it have to be with the red ribbon? Mine doesn't have.
2. also I am currently studying in fanar, since i haven't finish my course they just gave me a photocopy of my Islamic Certificate (not original) they said I can send it together with my other requirements. Is it really possible?
3. and the Pre- marital Medical Screening, how long does it take? how many days before we get the result?

I hope you can answer all my question. I am also a Filipina and my fiance is from Syria. Thank you sister.

Hello im new here in expat-blog.             Hi charmingkizz, i also Filipina i read your message. And i also need help for you because we want getting. Im also converted in muslim. I want to know what is the requirement. Were both working here. I hope you help me.. Thanks

If Groom have resident permit and Bride come here on visit visa. Can both make marriage agreement here?


So both should need RP or Marriage proof from their country.

Correct , nothing happens in middle east if you do not have residence visa / RP

Hi Dude,

Dont share fake or unauthenticated information on this social plat from.
I just visit marriage court near alsaad plaza.

Groom may any type of Visit Visa.
She must have Gurdian i:e Father, GrandFather, Brother etc
If Father cant come here so brother can come here on visit visa with Power of Attorney from Father.

For further information any one can wrirte email me at anas.bilalch (at) Hot mail Com


I am a Filipino and married there. However my ex husband got canadian passport and filed a divorce there.
If I will marry again, will the court here acknowledge the divorce paper if I will marry a Muslim guy?
Does anybody know the procedure?
By the way, I am Christian.

I am in a relationship with a Syrian from Qatar..
He has his working permit and residents visa.
I would like to know about religious and legal marriage in Qatar.

Both are Muslims? You have valid visa?

and where would it be

Hows ur married?

On first, U must accept religion Islam then u can marry ...............and u should show your divorce papers.....from your ex-husband

Hi. Good evening. I just want to ask if how to get married in embassy of morroco here in qatar? Me and my partner a moroccan nationality are planning to get married but we dont know how and what is the requirment for me as filipina and for him as a moroccan? I hope for your response.  Thank you.

Hi! About no. 5 , do u really need your father's consent even if ur on the right age and what if ur not yet Muslim and ur about to marry a Muslim guy will this no.5 requirement applicable to me?

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