Possibility of Qatari Men marry Non Muslim Girl

Is it possible to marry a qatari man with Non muslim girl? As ive read on some quotes that Muslim and non muslim can be married but Qatari exclusively cannot and its not possible this to happen.. is it true.. thanks for upcoming answers..

This is true. As per Islamic law marrying a non muslim women is prohibited for Muslim men. Also as per Qatari law Qatari men cant marry womens from other faiths. Prior to marriage there are many things a qatari men an women must do. Taking a medical report is mandatory before the marriage. If you are in love with a qatari men.. good luck with that.

Wait. Under Muslim law the men can marry a non-Muslim girl if she is from people “of the books” meaning another Abarhamic faith I.e. Jewish or Christian. They can NOT marry any other religion (such as Hindu, Buddhist, Wiccan, etc).

On the flip side of this, Muslim women are prohibited from marrying outside their faith even with the other Abrahamic faiths (because you become what your husband and his family are when you marry into them).

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t still happen sometimes but it is a big issue when it does.

As for Qatari-specific regulations I do not know but Islam is very straightforward about it in the Quran. Hope this helps.

Yes. Qatari men can married for non muslim women . Usually it is from Europe or USA. I know one american women married with qatari and they have 7 children .

Are you sure of what you are saying? 😂🤣🤣
I don't think you are sure of it.

He can marry you but his family won't allow it.


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