Finger print for qatar PCC

HI. Iam here in Qatar for 13.5 Years.. when i try to upload for CEID clearance, the message came showing that my finger print is OLD and require update, then i went t to CEID slawa and taken my finger print ..Now its almost  5 days now, its still not updated in metrash....please advise w how days it will take to upload and after that only I can apply for  QatarPCC

@mohdajeesh How did you solve this issue. I have same.

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@mohdajeesh sir, how many days exactly the results or the update come out..

The reports usally takes within 15 workings days.


I left Qatar back to my home country in January 6th 2023 after working with my company f or the project of FIFA WORLD CUP.

I have got a job offer which is requiring me to get Qatar police clearance report . I have all Qatar ID,

Passport and all documents that may be need as a proof . How cN I get it while in my country and it cost how much?

Please assist

For more information Contact Qatar embassy in Keyna

anyone resolved the issue?how many days until updated in metrash?