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Updated 2018-07-10 12:41

Are you about to travel to Qatar? To guide you, here is a list of items and products that are allowed into the country, as well as prohibited products.

Traveling abroad, whatever your destination, requires proper planning. One of your priorities will be to find out what you can carry in your luggage. As in all countries, some products may be allowed while others are banned from Qatar. Hence, you are advised to inquire beforehand with Qatari customs authorities or directly with your carrier. This should help avoid any confusion during boarding and on your arrival in Qatar.

Good to know:

In general, rules vary for nationals coming from different countries. It is best to refer to the Qatar embassy or consulate in your country.

Authorized products

When entering Qatar, you are allowed to carry the following products and items:

  • personal belongings and gifts whose value does not exceed RQ 3,000
  • a maximum of 400 cigarettes
  • a camcorder, a camera and a mobile phone for personal use
  • laptop and textbooks maintenance tools for personal use
  • medicines and basic foodstuffs such as milk and infant cereals (accompanied by a proof)


If the value of your belongings and gifts you are carrying exceeds the rate of exemption granted by customs authorities, they will be subject to a 5% charge of their value. Cigarettes and other tobacco products carry a 100% charge.

Customs tax

When passing the customs, the following will be required:

  • a duly completed and signed customs declaration form (Attachment 1), stating your name and nationality
  • your identity card or passport
  • your carriage number
  • the date and time of arrival
  • the type, amount, and value of products and objects in your possession.

Good to know:

Customs officers may request for the inspection of some or all of your belongings so as to determine if these comply with existing regulations.


Travelers are also required to declare any currency they have in their possession. You will have to fill in a form in which you must reveal the source of these currencies. Terrorist financing and money laundering cases are seized in accordance with customs regulations.

Prohibited products

The following products are prohibited from entering Qatar:

  • indecent materials (pornographic materials such as books, magazines, films, DVDs, etc.)
  • all types of illegal drugs
  • alcohol
  • arms, ammunition, and explosives
  • radioactive equipment and materials

Car import

Foreign cars imported to Qatar in the TripTik are entitled to temporary authorization for a six months period. Cars imported outside the TripTik will obtain a temporary authorization for a three months period which is renewable for similar periods provided you produce bank or cash guarantees which are equal to the amount needed in terms of customs duties.

To be eligible for this temporary permit, the car must have been registered in your home country and insurance must have been issued via a company which is approved in Qatar and covers the whole territory.

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