Best hospital and pediatrician...

We are new to Riyadh and my baby's vaccination is due in march, please let us know about a good pediatrician...thanx

hey debbie, hope you are well. for vaccinations, a pediatrician is not necessary...most pediatric vaccinations are done at any primary health care free of charge as part of government policy and infection control within the kingdom. as such you may not find the required vaccination in the bigger centers as they are supplied by MOH free of charge. I do advise that you get the new 5 in one vaccination as it just involves 1 injection. some centres still give the 3-in-1 and the other 2 seperate (making it very painful for the baby. if you were near me, i would have helped but sadly i am far away

Hi, debbie2410 - I think Imran007 comments are good, but if u wanna know abt the hospital, Theres one Dallah Hospital which is good. Try the belwo link, hope it helps....

good info...thanks

debbie2410 wrote:

good info...thanks

Hi, debbie2410

Did it help you in anyways  ???


Well for me i find Dallah Hospital is the best.. they have special peds unit for emergencies if God forbids.. but as one of the colleagues said for Vaccination go to any clinic or governmental health center near by.

when trying to locate a government clinic, what would i look out for?
does kingdom hospital do vaccinations? do i need to make an appointment before hand?
thanks in advance!

in Order to have Vacc., Governmental Clinics provide it as long as you have a valid Iqama. I think they only do it like every Monday and Saturday, and if anyone need a hand to locate the nearest clinic just pm me your neighborhood name and city.



Hi I am in Riyadh, Rawdah.. Please let me know the Govt Center here..

Thanks in advance..

Hi there. Can u please tell me where center I will go if our residence is at al maather st takasosi... I nees my baby to be vaccinated...

Assalam o Alaikum.

My four month baby needs to be vaccinated.
Can u kindly locate the governmental clinics in Jeddah+ The procedure / documents required.


Why you think Need a govt, clinic ,  more batter service at any pvt clinic

Hi can any one suggest pediatrician for child behavior diagnose and development in Riyadh

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