Process of acquiring a Medical doctor in Italy

What is the process of acquiring a medical doctor(  GP) once you are in Italy and have obtained citizenship and residency?

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@alotforsaletogo you have to find your ASL azienda sanitaria locale of the area you live. Then you will have to transfer your health rights from the country you are coming from. And when you do this, they will ask you to choose a local general doctor

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Am i able to get a doctor right away, after they have received all my medical history?

How long does this process take?


If you have acquired citizenship recently and have never really lived in Italy, along with your residency you will need to have health insurance.  Once you have that, and all the other paperwork, you can get signed onto a doctor immediately, and make an appointment.

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i do plan on having health insurance when i arrive in italy, and while i wait until i obtain a doctor.

Is waiting three months before obtaining a doctor a reasonable timeframe?

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