Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

I live in the Puliga region. I'm searching for a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctor (BHRT). I wouldn't mind traveling if need be. Thank you.

Dear Casey,
Here in Italy, the bhrt is not so... Widespread.
I know a doctor who uses thyroid hormones, but only these ones and he is so far away. I went to Switzerland to buy them (I am near). You can find websites with the names of doctors, but I don't know how good they are.
There is only one name which appears often, he works in Rome too but I never met him. His name is Ascanio Polimeni. Good luck!

Thank you so much for the reply. Your information is very helpful.

I hope it can help! :)

I just wondered if anyone had had any luck finding BHRT/HRT specialists in Rome? And if so I would be really grateful if you share your experiences
Thanks so much!


I wanted to check in to see if you ever visited the Doctor suggested or found the hormone replacement therapy here in Italy.




Sorry for delayed response!

I ended up going to my GP and have now been prescribed 'Sandrena' gel for Oestrogen but she didn't give me any progesterone which I have read I should take with oestrogen to prevent the womb lining thickening. After a month I went back and lied to her by saying the pharmacist had recommended I also use progesterone so she then prescribed 'Progenorm' which, from what I can gather, is bio identical and you buy over the counter at the pharmacy. It's all a bit hit and miss! Let me know how you're getting on... I think it's good to share in this very confusing perimenopausal world as well as trying to understand medical terms in a different language!!! Good luck
There is a doctor in Switzerland near Belinzona Dr. Kuhnke, he works with the Rimkus method. There are a couple of German pharmacies (Apotheke) where you can order them. It's a bioidentical therapy.

@contact2001 Hello, I happened  to read your post. How was your visit with. this doctor?

Hello, I have been taking BIoidentical hormones for over 20 yrs. You must have a bllod test every year to make sure your levels are correct per your dosing. Yes if you jave a uterus you must be on progesterone. This will prevent uterin Ca. You should also be on the proper amt of testosterone  we women produce all 3. I am movimg to Sicily I need to find a Bhrt doctor as well. If I find a provider in Italy/ Sicily I will post.

Hello, I found in Spain that Bio ident hormone replacement therapy is quite common. There are many Doctors in Barcelona and on the Island of Palma.

Google sotopelle or biote in Spain. You should see the locations. I do not think it is prevelent in Italy. I hope this info was helpful.



Where else in Italy did you have the hormone replacement therapy done?  I live in Florence and can't anyone who offers this. My sister in Cary, NC recommended it to me and after reading about it, I would be very interested in pursuing this process. Any suggestions?


Connie P.

Florence, Italy

I have had a hormone (estradiol) "implant" for HRT (after a hysterectomy) for decades and would love to find a place in Europe that does it. I'll be living in Florence/Firenze from October to January (and returning 90 days later) and would really rather not want to have to travel back to the US.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!


@Connie P 63 Did you find out? I'm going to be in Florence in October - Jan.

Hi Ladies, there are HRT Docs in Rome.

- Dr. Salvator Mundi @ the international Hos

Go to Go to

-In Sardinia Olbia Italy. The Mater hosp offers as well. Contact the OBGYN there.

In Spain there are so many clinics that Rx HRT. Spain was the first to start bioident.

Hosp Dr López Cano OBGYN

Also in spain there are IM clinics Barcelona and Madrid.

Lisbon Portugal offers as well.

To go to Spain is a 2-4 hr flight $ 175 ę.

Please google these. I hope this info was helpful. Good luck, Klipa

@klipatheturk Thank you! I will check it out.




It's been a hellish week trying to figure it out, and the news isn't good.

The medication I needed (estradiol) isn't legal in Italy.

I tried Spain to terrible results, too.

I did find a highly recommended doctor in Athens, Greece.

And a few options in London.

I opted for London, mainly because the logistics worked out better for me.

Let me know if you'd like either contact name/info.

Good luck!


My husband and I are moving to Italy from Canada in 2025. Our big concern is being able to find a GP, and 2 other  specialists for our needs and maintenance in Italy. Should this be a concern as it is in Canada?

Are Dentists, optometrists difficult to acquire?




Hi Alessia,

Can you recommend the doctor that you went to in Switzerland I am willing to travel as well.

Thank You

@klipatheturk hi there have you moved to Sicily yet??? Have you found a doctor which tests your blood yearly for bio indent creams???  I have an tyroid issue and take decatted pills for it as will as progesterone, testostore and biest.  I, also am moving to Sicily

    @contact2001 Hello, I happened  to read your post. How was your visit with. this doctor?


Very Positive

Hi Alessia,
Can you recommend the doctor that you went to in Switzerland I am willing to travel as well.
Thank You


There is a doctor in Switzerland near Belinzona, Dr. Kuhnke he is in Roveredo.


ciao!  wondering if you found anywhere in italy (or

Europe) that does the bio identical implants.  i have also been on BIO IDENTICAL HRT implants for 5 years and i am really hoping to continue my same course of treatment wIthout

going to america every 6 mo 😣

Where are you located?

Palermo, Sicily!  sorry for the delayed response, i didnt know anyone responded!

Sorry- I've found 1 gyn in Florence at Villa Donatello. I'm pretty confident saying there are NO pellets in Italy that I've uncovered thus far. This GYN uses Gel…combo estrogen daily, Test, x2 weekly.

I am not thrilled but trying.

Not giving medical advise, but HRT is generally every 3, 4 months…

Let me know if you want a name:)


florence, Villa Donatello!

@Sprez7661   i have discovered the same thing.  no pellets.  I found a doctor in Palermo that does BHRT, but i would really like pellets. I've been on the pellets for 4 years.  i may make a trip to barcelona.  i found a clinic there and i have a friend there i could stay with.  flights are pretty cheap. 

thank you! 

@Connie P 63, I've had a wonderful GYN for years in the US who is well known for the treatment of menopause. You can see a local GYN for the physical exam, get a list of all bloodwork necessary from the US doctor, and you'll need a  mammogram, and bone density scan. You can have that done here in Italy (thru your primary care doctor). They will want to look at your thyroid levels and vitamin D, as well as a full cardiac and metabolic panels for the bloodwork. Then schedule a consult via telehealth visit wih the US doctor, sending all test results in advance.

The necessary prescriptions available here are Sandrena (estrogen gel) and Prometrium (progesterone pill). It's usually advisable to add testosterone and there are various forms -  cream, gel and patch.  But the doctor will make that determination. I personally use a compounded cream formula which I have made in the US, although there are compounding pharmacies here in Italy as well.

Dr James Simon, 1850 M St, NW Washington, DC

+1 (202) 293-1000

Very well written post. i too have had a great GYN in Boca Raton, FL where i have had pellet therapy with amazing success for years. I have found a GYN at Villa Donatello in Florence. She wrote for both gel estrogen and Testosterone for my needs. Far cry from pellets as for efficacy.

So i got the Doc, but not the delivery method that i was superior in results. BioTe supplements are also not available. i got a deer in the headlights look when i asked for ADK and DIM.

Thanks for your reply. Shannon MBA, RN