Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

I live in the Puliga region. I'm searching for a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctor (BHRT). I wouldn't mind traveling if need be. Thank you.

Dear Casey,
Here in Italy, the bhrt is not so... Widespread.
I know a doctor who uses thyroid hormones, but only these ones and he is so far away. I went to Switzerland to buy them (I am near). You can find websites with the names of doctors, but I don't know how good they are.
There is only one name which appears often, he works in Rome too but I never met him. His name is Ascanio Polimeni. Good luck!

Thank you so much for the reply. Your information is very helpful.

I hope it can help! :)

I just wondered if anyone had had any luck finding BHRT/HRT specialists in Rome? And if so I would be really grateful if you share your experiences
Thanks so much!


I wanted to check in to see if you ever visited the Doctor suggested or found the hormone replacement therapy here in Italy.




Sorry for delayed response!

I ended up going to my GP and have now been prescribed 'Sandrena' gel for Oestrogen but she didn't give me any progesterone which I have read I should take with oestrogen to prevent the womb lining thickening. After a month I went back and lied to her by saying the pharmacist had recommended I also use progesterone so she then prescribed 'Progenorm' which, from what I can gather, is bio identical and you buy over the counter at the pharmacy. It's all a bit hit and miss! Let me know how you're getting on... I think it's good to share in this very confusing perimenopausal world as well as trying to understand medical terms in a different language!!! Good luck
There is a doctor in Switzerland near Belinzona Dr. Kuhnke, he works with the Rimkus method. There are a couple of German pharmacies (Apotheke) where you can order them. It's a bioidentical therapy.

@contact2001 Hello, I happened  to read your post. How was your visit with. this doctor?

Hello, I have been taking BIoidentical hormones for over 20 yrs. You must have a bllod test every year to make sure your levels are correct per your dosing. Yes if you jave a uterus you must be on progesterone. This will prevent uterin Ca. You should also be on the proper amt of testosterone  we women produce all 3. I am movimg to Sicily I need to find a Bhrt doctor as well. If I find a provider in Italy/ Sicily I will post.

Hello, I found in Spain that Bio ident hormone replacement therapy is quite common. There are many Doctors in Barcelona and on the Island of Palma.

Google sotopelle or biote in Spain. You should see the locations. I do not think it is prevelent in Italy. I hope this info was helpful.