Residency extended for another five years - do I need health insurance

I am an EU citizen on a pension (derived from outside of Italy). My residency card expires in August but the local comune renewed it again for another five years.  Now I am not clear what I should do next.

Do I need to register with ASL for health benefits. Thankfully, i haven't had to call on the Italian system in the last five years.

To get residency initially I had to take out private medical cover with Blue Cross but it is costing me 600 annually. Now that my residency is extended I am tempted to drop it but I need to be sure that act won't affect my residency.

I have an E121 card for health treatment.  I read a circular from the Health Ministry which suggested that pensioners like me just need this card but it was somewhat ambiguous as it also mentioned private insurance requirements? Can anyone advise me please?

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