Healthcare in Italy (on a tourist visa)

I'm an American currently in Florence for 90 days - planning to leave in January for 90 and returning in May and I have a question about healthcare.

I know my Medicare only covers so much. I'm wondering what would happen if I either needed emergency care or wanted to have a (necessary but elective) procedure.

Can anyone advise?

I'm in Florence/Firenze - if that matters.



Hello and welcome !

You might have to subscribe to a private health insurance local or international. International will get you covered everywhere.




Any suggestions on the best?


I've been searching for private insurance with a pre-existing condition (cancer). One of the big insurers is Cigna, but there are so many more. Just do a search, or maybe go through a broker. They can be helpful.


I would recommend a company called SafetyWing which offers traveler's insurance for US and world citizens.  The rates are usually reasonable and the website is easy to use.  Plus there are additional coverages in the policy (lost luggage, emergency evac, etc.).  The website is:  Many travel vloggers on YouTube use SafetyWing and sometimes their content is sponsored by SafetyWing where the YouTube posting will have a discount code, so you may want to check some travel vlogging sites to see if that's an option for you.

Good luck!