Pregnant and have no health insurance

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i am currently living in the Monza Brianza province with my Italian partner, i am just over 7 months pregnant and have no health insurance apart from an EHIC card (which will not cover me for the birth).

I have contacted Newcastle in the UK for an s2 form and have been advised twice that i am not covered under the NHS in Italy as i have been out of the UK for more than 6 months.

What can i do?  Neither me or my partner have the money to cover for the hefty hospital charges... Going back to UK is not an option as the staff in Newcastle advised me, i have no place to stay!

Hi Elisabeth,

i am just over 7 months pregnant and am staying just outside of Milan with my Italian partner.  We have both been outside of each of our respective countries for more than 6 months, i am no longer entitled to an s2 form from UK, what happens now?  I have visited the local hospital who have advised me that i NEED an s2 form for the birth, if i can't get one, do you know where i stand in the system?

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Every pregnant woman has the right to have healthcare in Italy.  If you have problem to get it other option is your partner recognize your baby in advance at the Comune and this would resolve the situation too.

If you need some advice contact me, I'm immigration lawyer in Italy.  [email protected].

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