Voluntary enrolment with Italian health service/ Azienda Sanitaria

Hi, has anyone done this? I'm working in Italy, but my contract is occasional/part time and below the amount that would mean any contributions were being made.

I've been told that I can make the voluntary contribution of 387 to the azienda sanitaria, but I'm not sure how I can go about it. Has anyone else done this? If you have any advice or tips for me I would appreciate it.


Hello my name is Eric from France,
I live in Italy from 1988.
In Italy you will get sometime different information about your answer.
The best is to direct to the ASL office where you will find all information.
Concerning Foreigner I don't know if this will be valid with your country but try to know if some agreement between your country and Italy as been made.
For France we ask formular E 102
Best regards

Hi Eric

Thank you for your response. You're right, I do need to head to the ASL, I've just been putting it off due to language difficulties!

Thanks for your help

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Best regards