Vaccines required in Italy

Hello everybody,

When living or moving abroad, and in particular in Italy, vaccination against certain diseases is often required to enter the country or to avoid risks.

We would like to ask you a few questions to help future expats there.

What is your relationship to vaccines in general?

Did you get vaccinated before moving to Italy?
Were these vaccinations compulsory or recommended?

Did you refuse to get any vaccine that was recommended for Italy? If so, why?

If you are an expatriate in Italy, are you encouraged to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Do you have access to the vaccine and do you plan to get it?

Is this vaccine required for entering the country now?

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Diksha, team

Glad that you asked!    The situation in Italy is a disgraceful disaster.   The government and the "so-called doctors"  live in 1900.

The "so-called"  doctors in Italy  are completely incompetent clowns who know nothing with regard to expats.

This is a very silly query. Where do you think Italy is? What country in western Europe requires vaccinations? It's like asking if the water is fit to drink. Italy is an advanced country. Ridiculous.

Hi Marlene,

Note that a few members are asking such questions on our platform.

Therefore, Diksha, who is a member of the team, has launched this topic to gather as much information as possible. In this way, our members can also benefit from the information being shared here.

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Priscilla Team  :cheers:

We are U.S. citizens who recently bought a townhouse in Salento region. We are retired seniors and both of us had no hesitancy in getting our Covid vaccinations. Pfizer required a series of two and we have both completed. No side effects. Now we are thrilled that when (if) Italy opens it's borders to travel again, we will be ready to live in our little home! We encourage everyone to get vaccinated. Of course I came from a generation that needed vaccinations against small pox and German measles and Tetanus and chickenpox. We are grateful to the scientists who work diligently to protect us and save many lives. Why not take advantage of our greater knowledge of diseases? My grandparents and their siblings got small pox (my mom and her siblings) and it was very, very scary. In childhood I saw how awful even measles and chickpox was (I got both as a child). My hope is that enough folks choose getting vaccinated so life can return to normal again!


I arrived in Italy in January 2020, just before the pandemic was defined. At that time, no special vaccines were required prior to my moving here. Now, they are starting to deploy the COVID vaccine and I look forward to the time when it will be available to me. Jay Stewart

Vaccines should be the individual's choice not compulsory for travel. If someone wants it, that is their prerogative. Not everyone wants or needs vaccines.

I became an italian citizen in sept. 1920, and I am still waiting for my Sanitaria Tessera so I can reserve a covid-19 vaccination. (I am 72, and so entitled.)
I understand many people here in Italy (I am in Catania) are also denied a covid vaccine due to this and other reasons.
Is there anything we can do to secure a vaccination reservation?
Thank you for any helpful response.