Cost of health care in Italy

I have one question that I think you folks might be able to answer. I will be retiring in a couple of years and plan on moving toEurope if the finances work out. What would you say I should plan on for medical costs for myself and my wife in Italy, and what are the best options for the cost? She will be 71 and I will be 69 probably when we move.

We are both U.S. citizens with no second passports. We have narrowed our search down to Germany, Italy, and Ecuador for our retirement. We would really like to be in Europe since we've lived in Germany before and like the European lifestyle. However, one  of the big hurdles for any retiree is the cost of health care. I have seen several different estimates on the cost, but nothing that is really clear. Any help would be appreciated.


hi, my name is Dorothée, i'm french and i live in Sicily. the health care system is more and less the same in all of countries of UE comunity, but if you want the state health care, the cheapest, you have to make your foreigners resident card (permesso di soggiorno, in italian), dimostrate with how many and which kind money you live in europe, where and others documents. You have to pay your health care insurance taxes and after you can use state system. for example a specialist visit is 35 or 40€ in a public hospital 100 or 150€ in a private structure.
you would look after burocratic system less complicated or in your prefered country or where you spend more time, where you decide to live where taxes are cehap (not in France)  but you need the resident card.
bye see you

What if you are a duel, American/Italian citizen but retired (in Italy) and on Medicare in USA? Medicare doesn't pay for foreign health care.

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