Italian healthcare

Hi all , me and my family moved to Italy over a year ago , my wife has a full time employment and contributes into the italian health system which also covers our two small children ,  I myself stay at home to  look after the children while my wife works , but when i applied at the ASL for my own GP their said i won't be able to register in the health system because i haven't contributed , i explain that i have worked for over 30 years in the UK and paid my national health insurance , then they asked me to apply for a s1 form in the uk to cover my medical expenses here in italy , but when i contacted the works and pension in the UK they said it only applies if you are state pension age (67) am 55 years old , have any of  you guys  had the same experience and is there a way to round this problem otherwise am going to have go with private medical insurance which is very expensive , looking forward to hearing from you

The s1 form only applies to retired people (67 + years old) I am surprised they didn't tell you that.

But you might be able to pay into the system yourself which is cheaper than private insurance. Might be worth looking into that.

You might be able to top your wife's contributions and be covered. Thats also worth looking into.

Good luck, please come back if you find an answer.

Thankyou for your prompt reply , it's something to think about very much appreciated

The S1 form is a bit more succinct than that, you also need to be in receipt of a UK Government state old-age pension (in addition to the other stuff already mentioned).

Ok thanks for the reply , i think i might have to start paying into the healthcare my self 😒

Hi can I ask what you ended up doing? I'm about to move to Lucca and I won't be working and I'm not pension age so not sure what to do about health care. Thanks