Living in Positano

I am considering moving to Positano, Italy. I am American. I am concerned about the lack of medical care in Positano and immediate area. I would like to hear from others who live on the Amalfi Coast about how they manage chronic illnesses that need ongoing superior medical attention, as well as the best hospital in the region. I am aware that only Napoli and Salerno have hospitals. Transport to either one, from Positano, could be the difference between life and death.

I would be interested in hearing others' experiences accessing PROMPT and EXCELLENT medical care while living in Positano. Grazie!


simple … if you have a diagnosis which requires immediate attention .. don't go🤷🏻 from a senior UK dr

Don't go where?

How do residents maintain good health without local specialists?

If you have a life and death medical concern, would it make sense to go live in Alaska or Montana?  That said, Naples is just over an hour away, it's not THAT remote.  It always makes sense to choose according to your medical needs.  In Europe, it's common for the elderly in rural areas to travel to the larger cities for specialized care, or ask that a local clinic arranges for a specialist to visit the area and treat local residents if there's enough people needing the same specialty care.  In an urgent situation though, you're probably looking at traveling to a major hospital on your own or transferred by ambulance.

On Google Maps I found there is an hospital in Sorrento (about 17 chilometers away).

The address is Corso Italia 2, Sorrento

17 chilometers away from Positano, I forgot to add

17 chilometers away from Positano, I forgot to add

You didn't forget, it was in the post above.  FYI it's "kilometers", not with "ch" :)