BPJS: when they don't pay the bill

I have an Indonesian wife who is stricken with a non-diagnosed blood disease believed to be Anemia. She has been in and out of the hospital for (5) years receiving blood transfusion treatment but no doctor can diagnose her for treatment versus only treating the symptoms.

I was told by the medical staff to go abroad but she is unable to make the trip.

Meanwhile, for unknown reasons, BPJS stopped paying for her treatment. My question is does BPJS have a coverage limit? I heard a rumor you can stay in the hospitable for a max of (5) days and then you are discharged well or not.

After being discharged you wait a certain amount of time and then can be readmitted to the hospital.

Does anyone have any information about the BPJS T&Cs they don't issue a policy and there's nothing in writing about their coverage.

Thanks for your help.

They don't have policies, only numbers.

I do know the maximum you can get out depends on the class you pay into.

It's probably on the net somewhere


I would suggest you speak to bpjs directly ,you will get an answer

@guitarlo I suggest you search on Google with the keywords "syarat ketentuan batas maksimal penggunaan bpjs kesehatan" Translate to English if you don't speak Indonesian