Blood test for work permit

Hi everybody! What medical exams need to be passed for working visa? Blood test on what?

Drug and HIV free are the main ones.

Luke that is not correct, there is no Drug or HIV test required respectively need passed in order to get a working KITAS.

If otherwise, could you may tell where to find this info??

At least it would be new to me if it is like that.

It is for teaching as far as I am aware. My new teachers have all been asked to provide such information or letters from Doctors from their home countries stating these facts. … pportunity

But apart from that I have drawn a lot of blanks.

Thanks Luke, indeed it's new to me perhaps it only applies for teachers only....

As far as I know, for a "usual" working KITAS you have to have a health insurance but not providing a proof that you successfully passed the HIV / Drug test

Hello Luke
did they ask you to provide just a letter stating these informations or the blood investigation results? Is it possible to get the documentation from any hospital? The situation is actually confusing

Since last year nothing has happened. So I can't answer your questions.

So basically I underatand that any certificate should be fine