English-speaking Psychiatrist in Bali or Jakarta

Hi all,I am moving with my family in July ,and I am looking for a psychiatrist for my daughter. We'll be living in Bali, but I don't mind going to Jakarta if necessary.


If you could use an psychologist/hypnotist specialist with Expat lifestyle and natural herbalist I could assist.



Hi do you know for sure that you need a psychiatrist, as opposed to a psychologist or doctoral level counselor?

Did you ever get an answer to your post?

Dr David

Why Doctoratr level? As an experienced adolescent psychotherapist I am confused why you feel this is best? About 1% of psychotherapists hold a doctorate as the training and value in training is largely experiential as well as academic. Researching trends in therapy does not generally make you a better therapist. Hope this helps others here. 🙏