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I have been living here just over a year and have a retirement kitas. I was told that with a retirement kitas I could  obtain BPJS insurance. Recently an agent said " NO " - only people with a work kitas can qualify for BPJS insurance. Does anyone know the correct answer ? Terima kasih !

You are most certainly eligible to enroll in the National Health Plan on a retirement KITAS.  You will need a tax number if you don't already have one.

Hey Roy
Good to hear from you again. You have always given me information that is accurate and helpful. Do you also know how I can get a tax number.
Makasi !

I got bpjs around a year ago, ya im on kitap , no one asked me for a tax number , maybe things have changed now .

For your information:
There are 2 BPJS:
A) - BPJS Corporate
Need tax number, work permit, and the whole lot.

B) - BPJS Individual
Just need identity. Simple process.

On the above. Whether there are any differences on local residents or non-Indonesians, whom can apply either A or B.

I will just list out 2 very important arguments that you don't need BPJS, if you are a non-Indonesian.
- You are better served with a private insurance. Unless you are really concerned with insufficient means of finance and ill health, by all means having a BPJS is cheap in comparison and won't hurt. Just dont expect instant service or great service at this time.

- Having a tax number applied, if you havent gotten one now means -
You will be obliged to report your own tax submission every year, until the day you die or leave Indonesia. It will be a hassle.

Terima kasih. I am just looking for individual insurance not corporate, so if I do not need a tax # I will not apply for one. I will probably just apply for the individual insurance and see what happens. Thanks everyone for your help.

Bill, I know a number of expats who are on the National Health Plan and have used it with very satisfactory results here in Bali.

Perhaps in the area where enduringword has used it, his experiences were not so good.  Who knows, but here in Bali, the National Health Plan is quite popular with expats, including myself.

The BPJS Individual plan does in fact require a tax number for foreigners.  Or, at least that's the way it's administered in Bali. 

As for a tax number, you will find that foreigners are required to have one for a number of reasons beyond simple eligibility for the National Health Plan, and that will soon include bank accounts, VISAs, and auto registrations.  Every Regency in Bali has several tax offices, so depending on where you live in Bali, just ask any local. 

Avoiding a tax number these days, assuming you're here for more than just a few months, just doesn't make any sense, and filing the forms is no big deal either.

Hey Roy

Since a tax number will become more important in the future I may as well get one. And then whether or not BPJS requires one - I am covered either way. I plan on staying here in Bali so I may as well prepare for the future.

Thanks again

bpjs tax number , why have things changed in 1 year ???

It's all part of the government trying to keep better tabs on money in and money out of country.  Sooner or later banks here will be reporting to the tax department with account information in much the same way as required in other countries.  All of this has been coming, little by little, for quite a while.

Hi All,

Am seeking advice -

My previous company did not contribute to my BPJS, this is a considerable sum and am informed they neglected to pay. Have I any recourse to claim against my previous employer and have them pay into BPJS for me as required by law.

Many thanks

Why so difficult about yiur BPJS! This insurance from the government off Indonesia is cheap  1st class 150. K rupiah

Sounds not very good that ex-employer of yours. I would complain to BPJS if you are certain.

    Seems unlikely that you can complain since they are now your previous employer and not your current employer. Anyway, the premium is just Rp150k per month, so it is worth paying yourself if necessary, in my opinion.


He should complain to BPJS.

I understand they get fussy if a company fails to pay. That should still apply, even as an ex-employee (as long as it wasn't too far in the past)

Are companies obliged to pay BPJS for all their employees by law?

Btw, I am not that savvy on BPJS. Is every company in Indonesia obliged by law to pay BPJS for it's employees? Sorry I didn't know that as I don't work.

Yes, by Law they must pay 4% of your salary and it was in my contract

Ah I see.

Well I'd better not comment further as I am not working and only pay BPJS for myself and my family.

    Why so difficult about yiur BPJS! This insurance from the government off Indonesia is cheap  1st class 150. K rupiah


I understand it costs more for foreign workers in Indonesia.

That needs checking as I'm not a foreigner