Indonesian Customs: Ordering Medication/Supplements from abroad

I don't know if "Formalities" is the right category because there isn't one for Import/Customs.

I take Potassium Chloride tablets (extended-release) to treat my Hypokalemia. I took my USA med to an Indonesian doctor who told me they didn't sell that medication in Indonesia.

Whilst it's true they don't sell the same dosage level they do sell a similar product called KSR 600 but it's only available in 600mg dose. When I went to Kamia Pharma they said a prescription wasn't required but when I tried to order it online via Shopee for half the price they said a prescription was required. So, welcome to Indonesia,

Unaware of the KSR 600 I ordered a small quantity of Potassium Supplements from India.

I checked the Indonesian Customs website and they do not list my item as a banned or controlled substance nor is there any information on how to process such an item. I did read there would be a 17% duty fee.

After my package wasn't delivered I made queries. No one made any attempt to contact me. Then the text came from Jakarta Customs who sent my package to the Ministry of Food and Drugs for inspection. The FDA of Indonesia demanded a receipt, a prescription, and a pile of stupid paperwork my Indonesian wife filled out. The back and forth has gone on for weeks and I still don't have the meds. Meanwhile, I ordered it from Kamia Pharma.

Have you ever encountered a problem like this?

No idea but it's on Tokopedia.

I've never ordered medicine from overseas. I will either buy what I need when I am overseas or get it from Tokopedia or from local pharmacies. If I need a prescription then I can always get it from a doctor friend. As for Customs, I have ever paid 40% import duties for food parcels form the UK, and I also know a senior Customs officer and his wife, so I prefer to not have medicines sent here from overseas.

Btw, we never buy from Shoppe, we only buy on Tokopedia.