Singapore Lockdown, Medication Needed

Hi everyone, I am Rendy from indonesia. I have a long term medication that is only available in Singapore. Due to lockdown in Singapore I cannot enter Singapore anymore. Is there any way for me to send medication from Singapore to Indonesia. It is a prescribed medicine.

I would imagine the doctor or pharmacy would assist with this so i would advise to contact them directly

Thank you for your reply. I did contact them they do not advise me to send over the medication via courier service. I talked to dhl and indonesian customs and it seems impossible to send over the medication through courier. They keep asking about HS code which they need to provide me on what is documents and clearance needed and I need to request clearance to singapore Custom as well. I asked the doctor and the nurse about the HS code but they do not know any of it. I am wonderwing if anyone has experience with this and is there any alternative.

If it is not possible to send the medication, then you cannot have it sent.
I am afraid you must find a local alternative, or do without it, for now.

As far as im awre malaysia is still open is it possible to confirm and visit malaysia, im sure it will close soon though

As Gwmeath says, many medicines in Singapore can also be found in Malaysia. I know that it is very difficult to have medicines sent through the post of via courier. I too suggest trying to fly to Malaysia.

Hi Venansius,...

for HS code (which are the standard codes used for all goods over the world - Harmonised System ) you can find that online quite easealy :
it should be in Section VI (Products of the chemicals or Allied Industries)
under Chapter 30 (pharmaceutical products) of the HS code list.
then you have to see subsection to which youd drug matches the best...

The PDF of HS code in Indonesia ( this is 2017 but should be the same still): … 017Per.pdf

.... that links can help you out first / many other available : … at-hs-code

and theoritically all courrier should be abble to at least give you this info... and what documents are needed if any....
Or you may have to go by a third part like a doctor or hospital or clinic her that can proses for you due to their status.... I'm trying to ask some friends to regarding that case.
Also it may depend exactly on the type od medication... if it is ok for you to share that info that can help too.


Thanks everyone for the reply. The medicine I am trying to get from Singapore is flycompa and phenobarbitone. I have talked with courier, the clinic and indonesia customs but none of them are able to give information regarding documents needed or the hs code.

For the HS code you can find it in the HS code list link I gave you.
Apparently those medecine are also available online here in Tokopedia or other - unless you are worried that those ar fake medecines.

I had a look at the HS code PDF for support - I understand it is not that easy to use.. :

to make it easier by browsing on Fycompa HS code and/or Phenobarbitone HS code i get this :

code 30049099 for Fycompa
( … -code.html )
code 29335300 for Phenobarbitone
( … -code.html )

if you look in the PDF with those code you find the info on those code :
(FYCOMPA ) : 3004.90.99  is at page 260 of the pdf . Basically an "other" pharmaceutical product that doesn't have any specificities for HS code list. (apparently a 5% import duty applied).

(PHENOBARBITONE) : 2933.53.00 is at page 257 of the pdf. (apparently a 0% import duty applied).

Just go ahead and info those codes to your courrier services...

if needed you have some specific info of Chapter 30 "Pharmaceutical products" (under Section VI) on Page 54 (page number 51) to page 56 (page number 53) .