Health Insurance

I am moving to Singaraja, Bali in November. I am wondering if it is wise to purchase an international health insurance policy or just stick with a travel insurance policy instead for minimal coverage in case of an emergency. Any suggestions on providers and which one is better (cheaper??) yet effective? Also, is there anything in particular that I should bring over to Bali that I cannot find there such as prescriptions, tampons, cosmetics/hygiene. Thanks any input is greatly appreciated! Oh yeah, one more thing- is it impossible and ridiculous to try and bring out our housecat? Is there a ban on bringing pets from the U.S. because of the rabies problem in Bali? If not, any suggestions on how to do so?

Hey Dear!

Have you arrived yet in Singaraja?
I will be there next month in Tejakula, its close to the Karangasem border.

With your health insurance… it depends how long you gonna stay in Indonesia.
In my opinion, it is only making sense to open an Indonesian health insurance, if you are living more than a year in Indonesia.
As I know, you need also a stay permit (kit as/ kitap) to open an insurance.
If you have the stay permit, I can help you to apply for a health insurance!

In Indonesia you often can by medicine without prescriptions, even antibiotic ;)

And if you need tampons, just contact me… I have German tampons in stock!
tamponsforindonesia at

Have a great stay in Indonesia!
Cheers Leen


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