Travelers and expatriate medical insurance

Hello when i moved to Hong Kong from the United States i purchased a medical insurance plan from pacific Prime insurance brokers. When i moved to Indonesia i have used the plan and it worked well. Im planning on renewing it but i have heard there are other good plans through Globalsurance. I am wondering if anybody out there has used this company and if they have how it worked for them. Im in need not only of a health insurance but also a plan that includes a dental plan. thank you, Boris

Health insurance plans vary widely, both in cost and in benefits. Before enrolling in a health insurance plan, you should consult the plan brochure and read the policy to get specific information about the benefits and costs and the way the plan works. [moderated: no ads please!] may apply to a limited or comprehensive range of medical services and may provide for full or partial payment of the costs of specific services. Benefits may consist of the right to certain medical services or reimbursement of the insured for specified medical costs.

Wow you sound like a booklet i see at the office waiting rooms. Yeah i have seen and read some and many seems very confusing.