New title deeds has previous surname

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1)  I have 2 questions I need help with.  At long last I have completed on my flat yesterday and also received my deeds.  My father has a double barrel surname, my parents added one name to my B.C and the other on my passport. When I was young my father applied for a Cypriot id card and did not use my B.C but used my Passport instead. Growing up I was fed up with the confusion so I decided to change everything to what it is on my Birth Certificate including my Cyprus I.D and passport so all changed.  I received my new title deed but my previous surname is on the title deed but luckily they added my I.D number.  Would this cause any future problems? I need to switch on Electricity so thinking of taking my old I.D with my previous name on.

2) I am a single parent and live and breath for my child. I would really like to pass on my property via gift.  Should I mention this in my will or should I speak with the land registry office? What is the cheapest and simplest way of doing this? Really do not want to use same solicitor, he was extremely slow and I have ADHD so need a fast and straight to the point solicitor. 1f609.svg

I would suggest its safer to use a really good lawyer and would highly recommend one of these

Demetris Demetriades

Tel . 00357 26811668 Fax.00357 26932313

P.O.Box 60047 Pafos Cyprus

Haris Karogilou

Office No. 402

4th Floor Afentico Anna

Corner of Tepeleniou & Korytsas Street

Paphos, Cyprus

Contact Us

Telephone No: 00357-26-220808

Fax No: 00357-26-220545

Email: [email protected]

Nick P. Kourris


LLB Law, LLM EU Law, LLM Oil and Gas Law


Office 305-306, 3rd Floor, S.P. Center, 17 N. Nikolaides Avenue & Kilkis, Paphos.

Postal Address: P.O. Box 62557, Paphos 8065, Cyprus.

Tel: +357 26 923159

Fax. +357 26 912285

Email: [email protected][email protected]


It's not in Paphos it is in Paralimni. My estate agent said it was OK as the deeds has my id number on? I will take my old id and passport with me. The land registry added my previous name as it was on the national data base. The funny thing is I did use a lawer, he completed all for me. Why add my previous name on the deed and not my changed one though 🤔.

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Contact this Lawyer in Paralimni. You can use my name and say Capt. Charles. He is very good

Adamos Hadjichristodoulou & Co. L.L.C.

2 Sotiras Street, 2nd Floor 5286 Paralimni, Cyprus

Adamos Hadjichristodoulou & Co. L.L.C.

P.O. Box 33275 5312 Paralimni, Cyprus

+357 23 811630


Have used ProAct for Will advice and all things legal that can be dealt with without needing an actual solicitor. Helpful and reasonable fees.




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What can you say about this lawyer?




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