Average salary and commission for a sales guy?


This might be a bit specific, but I was wondering you anyone knows how much would it be to hire a sales representative with good English and potentially portfolio or experience.

I was already scouting for someone last year, but problems with my new formed company made me put everything on hold. This time I am not tinkering with European bureaucracy  and keeping my UK company.

So, I have a number in mind, but happy to hear from people already on the ground.



Hi, can you be a little more specific to your needs?

Where do you need the sales rep and for what type of product/service etc?


Well, I was more interested in general  cost of work. But, going into details:

  • fully remote/work from home
  • contract(will be invoicing my company)
  • base salary plus commissions on sales
  • taking care of European market (so English a must, but German/French/Italian greatly appreciated)
  • company is based in London UK
  • The area is computer graphics (standalone, web, apps), VR/AR, AI
  • New Business/Sales. Eventually managing of existing accounts