visa offence in LMRA

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Good afternoon Hope that everything is well for you, i just need your expert advice regarding in LMRA offence, we file case to my wife employer but she didnt work the guy promise us that he will give visa to my wife last 2022 to the police station hoora now my wife visa is under dependent visa but the problem we cannot renew our visa because of the case that we file, and now the case is in public prosecution i go there in public prosecution and they told me that it cannot be close. we want to close the case so the LMRA will remove the offence for our visa and we can renew. what should we do?

thank you so much for your help as always

I don't understand what you are saying.

Why did LMRA put offence on your visa?

Is it because you admitted that your wife was working for an employer while being on a dependent visa?    if that is the case then be aware that the case can only be closed after judgement.........which can be a fine or even deportation.


Hi Bro.

How are you? No she didn't work under dependant. She came here in Bahrain as visit visa we met a guy who have pet shop business he offer us that he will give visa to my wife, we are waiting for him until 1year now my wife overstaying fee is become more so we file case against him and i pay everything and transfer her visa to dependant visa. the problem now the case that we file in the police station is showing offence in our visa i dont know why,  we cannot renewour visa now.

You need to get a lawyer to check this. Because from what you are saying, it seems that you were going to buy a visa from that guy without your wife working from him. This so called free visa thing is also illegal.


We are not buying visa he told us that he will sponsor  my wife and give employment visa to work with him for his pet shop store, but we are waiting for long time and he didn't give visa we have the contract the offer letter from him so we believe that he will give employment visa to my wife. Thank you so much as always brother.


And we file case against him for overstaying my wife for long and i pay all the fees and transferred to dependent visa, now our visa cannot renew because of the case that we file it's showing offence. We dont know what to do now.

That's why I said to show a lawyer. Because the way I understand it, your case is only solid if there was a signed contract and then visa wasn't provided. Otherwise it could lead to a counter case against you.


I will consult to the lawyer brother. Thank you so much for you expert advice. Take care and godbless to you and to your family.


I just want to add bro we have court case with the same guy the we win in the case already but I don't know why our complain in police station is not close and now they said its in public prosecution already under investigation. When I show to public prosecution they told me it's different what we file in the court is civil case and in public prosecution is criminal so they cannot close the case as they said?

That's why I said to get a lawyer.  Public prosecution is for criminal cases only.  And from what I understood, it seems like someone has filed a complaint against you.  This is why I was asking all these questions about your situation to understand as to what could be the alleged crime.

Dear all,

Iam worked for a company since 8 months and I changed in to other company on visa transfer. But LMRA people caught me with in 2 days after visa transfer, but my visa is under last company, now my new employer CR number and my cpr is under offence. I just want to know the process of offence removal and how many days it will take for process. Please advice me on this issue.

You need to hire a lawyer


Hi dear

I have lmra offence,,

100 bd fin,, so how i can solve the problem pleas advice me,,,

Please visit LMRA and pay the fine