Gosi Contract

I had been working from past 6 months without having any digital contract but now I'm getting an SMS of gosi contract !

I'm not satisfied with mentioned terms so if I'm rejecting the contract what will be the consequences ?

Also the company is not giving transfer to anyone how it will be possible?

As I keep repeating on the forums, the GOSI contract is practically useless for the purposes that you are describing.  It only has value in case of any workplace injury.

The contract you need is from QIWA.

@XTang What course of action I can do if I don't have employment contract in QIWA? The last contract I signed was in 2019 and the last  digital contract my company prepared for me is in GOSI too, and it already expired in 2021. They had never prepared a contract for me in QIWA though I have a valid IQAMA. Thanks.