Dependent visa questions


I am currently trying to fill the visa application form . We are residing in India. My husband has got his single permit and we plan to apply for the visa together .

Is there anybody who has done this recently from India and can connect with me ? I have a few questions about the visa application questions .

or is anybody aware of any Vfs service for assisting with visa application form ? Please let me know

thank you


Hi may i know when your husband applied single permit and when he received

@rakesh rana

He was notified by his employer that it was filed on nov 7th .


work permit - 21 Dec

annex 49 - jan 24


Actually my employer applied single permit October but no response till now i received my wp 1 St week October.

@rakesh rana I hope you receive at the earliest . All the best .

Reading numerous posts here , everyone's has different timelines and eventually they get it .

Just an update :

I and my husband both received the visa . He received in 4 working days . I had a missing days so took 7 days .

I had to submit the missing document at Vfs center .

This experience is wrt to Vfs india .

1) We cannot book more than one appointment from Vfs website at once .We were getting an error that no appointments are available . So we booked two consecutive appointments for the same day . One for 8:30 am and other for 8:45 am

2) when we walked into Vfs we informed that we want to process our visa together

3)We can submit multiple applications. Carry the print of application that you want to submit at Vfs . If any mistakes in the application , you can correct it manually and counter sign it

4) Vfs did not really have any application filling service . But we clarified about few fields we filled were correct .

5) I as a dependent submitted my original medical ,apostille police clearance , birth and marriage certificate at Vfs . They were returned to me along with the passport after processing .

6) my husbands passport was processed in north India and mine was in south India . We applied from Vfs Bengaluru/ Bangalore . He was asked to submit any address proof of south India so our applications can be processed from Vfs South&west india jurisdiction ie Mumbai .


I am Evekash Dhamija an afghan recognised refugee in Belgium.My wife is Anjali Arora she is an Indian Citizen.we both came to belgium in Aug 2019 and asked for asylum here..i got refugee status but she didn't because our marriage was not registered in she has to go back to India to apply family reunification from India..we both signed for Legal Cohabitation contract in Belgium on Dec 2022..My question is she can apply on the basis of legal cohabitation contract because we don't have marriage certificate?and also please give the information about this procedure we cannot saperate from each other but we have to take the step.

Please reply